Should I Claim My Repair Shop’s Google My Business Listing?

Google is a machine. We mean that in the obvious sense that it exists as a technological tool to help those using the internet and the sense that it is constantly working – turning out answers, websites, tools, directions, videos, images, and so much more. Google is probably the tool most internet searches turn to when they’re looking for answers to their questions. This is why it is so vital to your repair shop’s business to claim what is called a Google My Business Listing. If you don’t know what a Google My Business listing is, then today, we at Stratosphere Studio are going to explain it and tell you why you should claim it for your repair shop.

What is Your Google My Business Listing?

Google My Business is a free tool your repair shop can use to manage your online presence. This means, any information out there about your business on Google Maps, in Google Searches, or images can be managed through this tool. When you take the time to claim your repair shops Google My Business Listing, you’re verifying that you are the actual company and that you are an authority. Claiming this listing lets you tell your audience your story.

Why Claiming Your Repair Shop’s Listing is So Important

There are so many benefits to claiming your Google My Business Page. The biggest benefit is that you will have control over what your consumers see as opposed to someone else claiming your page or having no information out there at all. By claiming your page, you can list your repair shop’s working hours, shop history, photos, your website, social media platforms, contact information, reviews, and more. This helps you stand out against other repair shops in the area who probably don’t have this information out there.

We mentioned review earlier. Google My Business will let you respond to comments and reviews for your company, as well as give them updates. Having a platform that notifies you of reviews (both negative and positive) is super helpful when maintaining strong customer service and building out a brand. You can also share new photos, service updates, and company news, simply by uploading the information. By adding photos and similar updates, you’re allowing your audience to see you as people. You’re seen as a real business with real goals, working to please your clients. If you receive a lot of bodywork at your repair shop, (which we’re sure you do), share before and after photos to let people know you do a wonderful job.

With Google My Business, you can also see how many people are searching for your repair shop by name and contact you based on what they found online. This tool will also provide you with a detailed report of how many people visited your website after finding your listing. In addition, Google can tell you if your customers requested directions to your store.

How to Manage Your Google Listing

At Stratosphere Studio, we can help you claim your listing. While it is usually fairly easy to do, it can be time-consuming to maintain and update it regularly. What’s great about setting up your Google My Business, is that you don’t need to have a Gmail email address. You can use a work email, personal email, or create a brand new one to register the account. Use, to sign into your Google account that matches your business. We have found the best way to find your exact business is to search for the address. Make sure all the important information such as address, hours and contact info are all correct.

Once you do that and select “continue,” you are finished claiming your listing and can go on to manage it yourself. The best way to create a solid Google My Business is to make sure your company logo is on there, as well as the pictures, videos, reviews, and similar content are listed as we mentioned earlier. Google will take some time to review all the information you provided but will email you to let you know your business has been claimed. After that, you can update it at any time, anywhere. Your customers will soon have a one-stop shop to learn about your repair business before sifting through your website (which we’re sure is totally awesome).

Working with Stratosphere Studio

Claiming and managing your Google My Business can be somewhat time-consuming. Especially if you’re managing a busy auto or RV repair shop. There is a lot of maintenance that goes into Google My Business you just don’t have time for. Luckily, Stratosphere Studio has a trained team that can claim and manage your listing for you! We can update holiday or weekend hours, post the pictures you send us, and help you respond to reviews. If you need assistance with your Google My Business Page or any other part of marketing your repair shop, reach out! We have the perfect combination of automotive industry know-how and marketing expertise to get your company firing on all cylinders. Just click below!

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