How to Improve Customer Service at Your Repair Company

Think of times you’ve been to a business and didn’t receive the attention you thought you deserved. Maybe you were into getting a product or service, but the person assigned to help you was underprepared, disinterested, or plain rude. You were probably turned off to that product or business after that experience.

How each company defines customer service is different, but the main principle remains the same across the board – efficiently respond to all customer requests in a polite and professional manner. You may have noticed we said “all” customer requests. This means you should respond to every negative, positive, and in between reviews, comments, requests, and more. Creating a process that resolves friction between business and consumer is a concrete method of keeping customers satisfied.

Improving Your Repair Company’s Customer Service

So many companies think they have to dive deep into research and strategy to have the best customer service possible. However, there are simpler ways to create a space within your repair shop allowing for great experiences to take place between business and consumer.

5 Steps to Follow for Customer Service Success:

1. Employee Empowerment

Starting with something as small as making sure your employees feel important and empowered is huge. Start with the recognition of employees. Incentivize your team with recognition and independence and they will have the confidence and drive to solve problems and engage customers. Give them a chance to share ideas about improving customer relations or even company process. No one knows better as to whether a strategy is working than those who are doing the work. Devote time to training your employees to believe your company mission.

For example, The Target Corporation engages in daily “huddles” periodically throughout different shifts of the day. This is an opportunity for team leaders and managers to recognize any outstanding employees for their performance, discuss team member to guest interactions, and talk about any important topics. Brief 5-minute meetings like this give your employees a voice, helping them feel empowered and excited to represent the company.

2. Provide Your Customers with Options

Now, obviously, when it comes to collision repair, there are only so many repair options you can offer your customers. We’re talking about different options such as payment options, specials, coupons, free estimates, etc. Consumers like knowing they can compare and shop around for the best deals before settling down with a choice. By offering more than the standard shop, you give your business a leg up on competing repair businesses.

3. Analyze Your Data

Has your business ever had a suggestion box for customers and employees? Have you ever looked at the suggestions and actually made changes? Now think of a larger scale, electronic suggestion box. We’re talking about the internet. Now, consumers have the ability to review your business online, in person, on social media, and more. Any review, good or bad, suggestions, evaluation, or comment from consumers whether online, in person, or on paper needs to be analyzed. Even if you provide wonderful customer service already, maintenance is key. The only way to make improvements is to know you need improvements. Really listen to what your clients are telling you. If you have a communication issue, employee issue, service issues – adapt.

4. Use Your Technology & Listen

One of the greatest inventions ever has been the Internet. We have the technology at our hands providing the opportunity to respond and listen to our customers in real time. One of the most common places customers love to review is via social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram gets flooded with comments about products and services every day. Use your social media accounts and online platforms to create a voice for your business when you respond. If people leave great comments, thank them and tell them how much you appreciate their patronage. If you’re left bad comments, you must respond. Listen to why the customer feels the way they do and try to empathize. Try to find solutions to rectify the situation. It is very easy to respond negatively or not at all, but that displays a very apathetic view towards customer needs.

5. Represent All of Your Customers

We live in an extremely diverse world. While different cultures and values may be different from your own, it is important to represent the people who require and request your services. Being accepting of all of your clientele will give you a broader sense of community and make people actually feel welcome when they visit your business. When people feel accepted and welcome, they return.

Strategizing Your Improvement

At Stratosphere Studio, we know that great customer service is all part of a strong marketing plan. We can help you set yourself apart from the crowd and give your customers the experiences they deserve. We offer a range of different services including social media content production and consultation, relieving you of some of the stresses of customer services. Creating a work environment that is safe, engaging, responsive, and caring is the perfect place to start when crafting improvements for your customer service goals. However, if you need an extra helping hand, Stratosphere Studio is here for you.

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