Learn the inbound marketing process in just under a minute!

The Inbound Marketing Process Explained

We are an outsource provider of inbound marketing to companies and solo practitioners like you. My competitors in this market are largely former PR agencies or PR agencies looking to give clients what they are asking for which is an inbound or content marketer. I’ve been to dozens of these competitor’s websites and they all have a similar look and feel. Slightly generic web design, and lots and lots of copy. Well of course they are PR agencies! They love to write!


At Stratosphere Studio, we are designers and we are storytellers. We think good design is a vital component to inbound marketing, just as good branding is. One of the biggest challenges we are finding so far as we meet with more and more prospects and more diverse industries is explaining the process of inbound marketing so that people can understand. Once you have a basic understanding, you can start to evaluate the costs in both dollars and time and the value and fit to your industry. We are working on a lot of great premium content which we will be publishing soon and which will hit on all of our core competencies: Design, sales results, Inbound marketing and content marketing, video and editing, social media, and tradeshow booths. We will be pumping out stuff that is unique, and will help you sell. After all, that is what inbound marketing is all about right? One of the things we are working on is a clever way to demonstrate the inbound marketing process and all the things that go into it. And in typical Stratosphere Studio, it will have a retro theme to it, so it will be fun. Stay tuned for that.

Visual Learners start here:

I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual learner. I need to see things in order to understand them. A bunch of strategy words on a page rarely get me thinking as much as seeing something in action. So it occurred to me, I have Hubspot, I have a blog, I have everything I need to show you rather than explain to you how the mechanics of inbound/content/attraction marketing operate.

Ready to get started?

So lets just summarize what is about to happen. First you find a compelling blog post that promises the answer to your question, and grabs your attention. Like this one. You read the article to get your quick tips or bulleted copy. So far so good. While you are here, a clever button grabs your attention offering you a free down load of a premium content piece in addition to the blog you just read, or maybe it is a coupon, or some kind of seductive offer. The button tells you all you have to do is click here. Like this one. Go ahead click it.