How to use honesty as a blogging tool in your collision repair marketing

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If you are still fairly new to blogging for your auto body shop or if you’ve been blogging for a while and you’re looking for some fresh ideas, it’s always a good idea to revisit the automotive business from your customers’ perspectives.  When you put yourself in your customers’ shoes, this can fill you up with some great inspiration while also helping you to be more effective in your content marketing.  Ultimately, what you’re trying to do is to increase your website visibility by anticipating what your customers are searching the internet for.  Sometimes, though, you might anticipate that your customers are typing in questions that would seem taboo for you to answer—questions like, “What are the biggest problems with body shops?” or “What kinds of mistakes do body shops make?”  You might be afraid to tackle these questions, for fear that this will drive away your business.

In reality, by honestly addressing questions like these, you would be applying a very effective marketing strategy.  Still not with me on this?  Let me explain:

image of collision repair marketing techniques

It sets you apart from the competition.
Since everyone in your business is likely afraid of devoting their blog entries to seemingly inflammatory questions like these, you’ll be able to capture all the potential customers who are typing those very same questions in Google.  And, trust me, these are exactly the kinds of questions people are typing into their favorite search engines.  Now, instead of letting someone else rank for those terms, you can be the one body shop in your city that is on the first page for them.

It allows you to demonstrate integrity and authenticity in your writing.
Instead of outright lying or pretending that problems don’t exist in the body shop world, you can address them head-on.  This will demonstrate to your customers that you are genuinely concerned about their experiences with collision repair, proving your commitment to excellent customer service.  After all, too many people are already jaded by their experiences with auto repair scams.  Why not set yourself apart as the shop that’s candid about its industry?

It gives you a platform for explaining how your shop is different.
Every blog entry is a chance to advocate for your business and this type of blog entry is no different.  In addressing a question like, “What kinds of mistakes do shops make?” you can talk about your great success record or the types of warranties you offer.  You can reassure your customers that you are dedicated to providing a repair that’s as perfect as possible.  Use the title and the keywords of your blog to attract page visitors, but don’t forget to use this opportunity to promote your shop’s great qualities.

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Do you have questions about blogging and your collision repair marketing?
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