20,000 Visitors into Leads: How We Helped an RV Repair Shop’s Marketing Strategy

As we began the 2018 business year our goals for all our clients across the board is always consistent and centers around one thing – inbound marketing. In 2017, our client Coach Specialist – the top RV repair shop in Texas – generated $1.5 million in leads for their shop. Of that 1.5, $1.3 million are confirmed sales. These numbers shocked us too. We started analyzing everything we were doing in order to reach those numbers and now, not even halfway through the year, a new trend has shown itself. In the first four months of 2018, Coach Specialists has pulled in 20,000 visitors into their websites while maintaining 20+ leads per month. How does one company turn 20,000 visitors into leads you ask? Let’s talk.

Inbound Marketing for Converting Visitors into Leads

Probably the strongest tool we have in our digital marketing strategy is the ability to understand the inbound marketing fundamentals. We wish we could tell you we made a drastically huge change in how we market to the RV industries audience. But our methods are consistent across the board. With Coach Specialists, the results came simply from following our three-part digital marketing strategy including blogging, calls-to-action, and analytics.

Inbound marketing is a way of reaching an audience because you want to help them. Staying human and focusing on what is helpful and important to the customer is really what is important to us. This is extremely important to understand especially how the internet is used today. Most consumers, including Coach’s, do all of their research online before ever contact the company. That is why we are able to turn so many organic visitors into leads. Reaching 20,000 visitors organically is unheard of, but through our methods listed above, we’ll show you how we do it.

Coach Visitors into Leads


For all of our clients, we produce weekly blog content. Because our process is client-based, we follow a “they as – you answer” belief. We take the time to thoroughly research what RV owners are asking and researching for answers. We then write blog content answering those questions. Coach Specialists offers such a variety of services for RV owners that we can relate those blog topic answers to what can be done to help the consumers in need.

In addition to this specific “ask and answer” method, we write for the locations their consumers are searching. For example, Coach is located in Dallas, Texas and most of their clients are from that area. We take the most commonly asked questions about tire damage, costs of repairs, and insurance topics and write for that locations. This can take the form of a title like, “How much will it cost to repair RV tires in Dallas, TX.” By doing this, we are able to rank in local searches.


Everything we do for our clients including Coach Specialist is monitored and tracked using HubSpot – an inbound marketing and sales software. People always ask us how we know this type of content production works, and it is because of HubSpot. When we meet worth current and prospective clients, we can look up an account in this software and prove to them that their results are coming from blogs.

While these results are just overviews, the insight they provide is priceless. We can look at which blog posts are being visited the most for answers. We can also then see which of those visitors became leads for the company. And currently, heading into May and June with 20,000 visitors and nearly 30 leads for the month lets us know that what we are doing works. This also helps us see what might not be working. From there we can make adjustments when needed.

Organic Reach

One of the things we’re most excited about is the organic reach of Coach’s content. When you’re able to produce relevant content consumers are searching for, your organic efforts will be met with results. Very rarely do we take part in paid advertising or boosting of posts and pages. We know that if we can connect with our audiences and find out what they need help with, we won’t have to spend a penny on annoying advertising campaigns. We make sure to stay up-to-date on social media. We typically post 3 times a week for Coach Specialists and regularly check the Facebook insights to find out which posts work well for bringing in visitors and which do not.

Using Calls-to-Action

Now, it’s one thing to be happy about the 20,000 visitors for a local RV repair shop. But we still have to talk about how we turned those 20,000 visitors into leads. At the end of each blog post, and on each of our pages, we include a call-to-action. This is one of the most foundational concepts of inbound marketing. The calls-to-action include discounts, scheduling appointments, and getting free estimates for repairs.

Our strongest CTAs are those for the scheduling appointments and online quotes. What happens when someone researches for help with a specific repair, they come across our blog with answers. Most likely they searched for these answers because they are having issues and need a repair. When they find out how their issue can be resolved, they are given the opportunity to click a simple button and get more help.

These processes, while simple, are so effective in reaching an audience. We are so thrilled to have been able to help this client succeed in their efforts and all of our clients. Taking everything we learn from our marketing software, the inbound marketing process, and industry leaders and turning it into relevant content for consumers has been eye-opening. And we can’t wait to continue growing. Do you have questions about how you can improve your digital marketing strategy? Do you want to increase visitors to your site, turning them into leads? Click below to get started!


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