The top 5 reasons why no one is reading your auto body shop blog

worriedSo you’ve dedicated your time to building up your website and have written a bunch of blog posts that you thought would be appealing to your visitors.  You’ve probably installed tracking onto your pages so that you can monitor your numbers of pageviews, leads, and keyword searches.  You’ve dutifully worked to increase your rankings on Google, yet you’re not seeing success.  Through your tracking, you’ve discovered that no one is reading your blog posts.  

Why would that be happening?  After putting so much effort into your blogging and overall marketing, it would be very frustrating to enjoy little to no success from your efforts.  If you’re in this kind of dismal slump, let me explain the top 5 reasons why it might be happening.

1.       You are not answering the right questions.  The biggest reason why a blog might be unsuccessful is if no one is interested in the content you are writing about.  Always keep in mind that quality is everything when it comes to blogs.  Your goal in keeping a blog is not just to increase your website traffic, but also to provide relevant content to your customers.  You need to make it worth their while to visit your site.  In order to come up with the right questions to answer in your blog, think of what questions your customers typically ask on a daily basis.  It really is that simple!  If people are asking certain questions when they come to your body shop, then it’s likely that some of your potential customers are typing the same questions into Google. 

question mark

2.       You aren’t including the right keywords.  Another big reason why no one is reading your blog is because you’re just not including the right keywords.  In order to increase your success in the keyword department, it’s important to think in “keyword phrases.”  Think of a string of keywords that someone might type into Google and use those words in your blog posts. 

3.       Your blogs are too long.  Listen, no one has time to read a novel when they just want to find out how much it costs to fix their crappy paint job, so don’t bombard your body shop blog visitors with a ton of words.  Try to keep your answers clear and to the point.

research2Your blogs aren’t long enough.  On the flipside of blog length, if your posts are too short, then Google won’t even bat an eye at them.  Try to keep your posts in the 500-600 word range.  That’s a comfortable length for both Google and most people searching the web.

5.       You aren’t including any images.  Even a 500-word blog post can be a little overwhelming if it’s posted as one big block of writing.  Instead, divide your post up into bite-sized chunks.  Use bold and italics where needed, and absolutely include images wherever possible.  As a body shop, it’s great if you can take photos of what your technicians are working on and use those photos as examples of what you’re talking about.  Writing a post about a bumper?  Then include a photo of one with the kind of damage and repairs you’re discussing! 

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