How much does it cost to produce a professional video for my body shop?


Nowadays, video is essential to a well-rounded marketing campaign for any body shop.  If you’re visiting this page, then I don’t need to explain to you all the ways the use of video can enhance the branding and advertising of your auto body shop.  You already know.  But for many of our clients the perceived cost of video production has put them off from actually pursuing it.  Some shops fear that video is something they can’t afford, so either they don’t do it at all or they get someone on the administrative staff to film a short segment with a small handheld digital camera. 

Before you resort to this (or to nothing at all), let me explain what goes into a professional video production at Stratosphere Studio:

We develop a great concept. In the process of developing a video, we always start with its concept.  We seek to answer the big questions, such as “What is the goal of producing this video?”  “Who is the audience?”  “What is the message we want to convey?”  For the team at Stratosphere Studio, we approach concept building with the idea in mind that the sky is the limit.  For a video to generate pageviews and to have longevity, the driving force behind it needs to be strong and unique. 


We design the set.  Set design is especially important if you plan to do a series of videos.  We have experience with erecting full-scale sets, complete with walls, furniture, and designated spots for lighting.  The set for a video should be scaled according to your needs, but attention does need to be paid to those background details. 

We craft a script.  You don’t always need a precisely-worded script, but a clear timeline is important and saves you both time and money.  As part of our video production services at Stratosphere, we write as detailed a script as the case requires and provide it ahead of time to you for approval.

We guide the filming.  During filming, we provide guidance and direction, while keeping an eye on the planned schedule.  Our team lights the set, monitors the cameras, and follows the script closely.  It’s important to make sure that all of the details are mapped out well before the actual filming takes place. 


We edit the film.  For anyone who has ever worked with video, you know that editing is an art form.  It requires a clear plan, as well as patience and an eye for details.  A professional video should have good pacing and clean movement between scenes.  Background music needs to fit the atmosphere of the piece and not be too loud or too soft.  We have a team of video editors that works on each video we produce to ensure that the final result is the best representation of our client.

Now, to answer your question about pricing…
For a fully-produced video, from concept building to editing, at Stratosphere Studio we price this service at approximately $2,500.  À la carte services depend upon what each client needs and we can strategize to create a unique plan to match your budget and goals.  Not everyone needs a set designed and built, for instance.  Or perhaps you already have a concept in mind.  Maybe you just need an expert editor for a video you’ve already made.  No matter what the situation, we can work with you and your shop’s needs to develop a plan you can afford.