What should I include on a landing page form?

Auto body shop marketing

When developing the lead acquisition strategy for your auto body shop, there are several things to consider.  What will your call to action be?  What will you need to include on your landing page?  How many leads will you aim to attain in the first month?  When it comes to lead acquisition, it’s important to pay attention to these details, because they could mean the difference between the addition of many new leads for your shop or none at all. 

Are you currently in the process of building your landing page form?  Here are the major elements that every great form should include:

·         Full name.  Of course you’re going to want to request the name of the person filling out the form, so make this category required.  Also, be sure to get both the first and last name of the person, since both could be valuable in personalized lead nurturing campaigns.  This will also help you to identify whether the person converts into a customer (if you only have the person’s first name to go by, then tracking them would be a real challenge).

·         Contact information.  Depending on your shop’s lead nurturing plans and database needs, you could request the phone number, address, and email address of the person filling out the form.  Make at least the email address a required entry.  Be sure to indicate on your form or landing page that you will not give their email address to other companies.  It’s important to make the experience of filling out your form as quick and painless as possible. 

auto body shop marketing

·         Appointment details.  If your call to action revolves around setting up an appointment, be sure to request the person’s preferred appointment date and time.  If possible, provide a drop-down menu with only applicable dates and times for them to choose from. 

·         Car information.  Depending on your call to action (for instance, an offer for an estimate), you might need the car make and model of the person filling out the form. 

·         Questions or comments.  While this need not be a required entry (unless your call to action is only for inviting comments), it could be useful for your business and for understanding this particular lead.  Plus, if you invite questions or feedback, this opens up the opportunity for one-on-one customer engagement.  And if you take the time to respond thoughtfully and thoroughly, you will most likely convert your lead into a happy customer.

Stratosphere Studio featured in Fender bender Magazine March 2013.
Stratosphere Studio featured in Fender bender Magazine March 2013.

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