How to convert your auto body shop website visitors into leads

auto body shop marketing

It is common for body shop owners to worry about how much traffic their websites are getting every month.  That’s certainly a valid concern and something we recommend that you monitor on a regular basis.  However, there is something that is even more important than getting people to your site.  I’m talking about lead conversion.  Are you having no problems getting people to your website, but can’t seem to generate any leads?  Don’t worry—if you’ve succeeded in developing a healthy stream of traffic, you’re already on your way towards building a lead database.

Here is what you can do to generate leads from your website traffic:

Build a great website.
These days, auto body shop owners have gotten really good at social networking.  The only problem with that happens when the effort put into social networking displaces the effort required for maintaining a great website.  Social media is a helpful method of bringing people to your site, but if you haven’t made any real updates to your website since 2003, then it’s not prepared to help you sell in 2013.  The traffic you do earn will be fruitless.  In order to convert your visitors into leads, you need to re-think your website.  Make it attractive and easy to navigate.  Let it be the best first impression you could possibly make.

auto body shop marketing

Provide excellent content.
Okay, we preach this a lot, but for a good reason.  If you provide the right content, then people will get to experience your shop on a deeper level.  How many of your competitors are practicing content marketing?  Probably very few, if any.  Set your shop apart and give your website visitors a reason to stick around for a while.

Post enticing calls to action.
One of the best lead-generating tools is right there in your back pocket.  Are you using it?  It’s your call to action.  Post these special offers in places throughout your website and make sure that they are enticing.  Try out multiple offers to see which ones are more attractive to your visitors.  Don’t forget basic calls to action, as well.  Our clients have had a lot of success with “Schedule an appointment” and “Contact us.”     

auto body shop marketing 

Make simple, yet effective landing pages.
When people click on your call to action, it’s helpful to make the process of acquiring the offer as easy for them as possible.  If it requires too much effort to get, then they’re going to pass.  So, keep your copy to a minimum and limit the submission form to only the elements you really need.

Need help with your auto body shop marketing?
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