Auto body shop marketing: how to know what’s working and what isn’t

auto body shop marketing

In the automotive repair industry, some of the toughest problems that technicians tackle involve properly diagnosing vehicular issues and determining how best to repair those issues.  Managing the marketing for your auto body shop can be equally challenging—especially if you aren’t sure whether it’s having an impact.  To help you determine what’s working for your auto body shop and what isn’t, the best thing you can do is to start tracking.

Tracking print, radio, TV, and outdoor marketing.
Every marketing campaign must include a strategy for tracking.  Print, radio, television, and outdoor marketing can be somewhat tricky to track, so if you’re practicing those kinds of tactics, then be sure to ask every person who comes through your door how they heard about your shop.  Maintain a detailed spreadsheet that you can refer to often.

google analytics for auto body shops

Tracking digital marketing.
At Stratosphere Studio we specialize in digital marketing, which is the easiest type of marketing to track.  With the many types of tracking services available online, there’s no excuse not to have tracking code installed on your website.  Many hosting platforms even come with tracking devices already.  If you don’t already have tracking, then a great, user-friendly platform is Google Analytics.  It’s even free!

Some programs also allow you to track which phone calls to your shop come from people visiting your website.  This is great for catching many online visitors who have become leads for you.

Monitor daily.
Once you begin tracking your webpages, you’ll need to establish a system for monitoring your progress.  I would recommend checking your analytics every morning.  Take a look at your number of visitors, your number of leads, and how well your blog posts are performing.  See what keywords people are using to find your website and what other sites are driving traffic your way.  Check to see where you’re ranking on Google for your top keywords.  When you begin to monitor your progress on a daily basis, you’ll begin to notice weekly, monthly, and even yearly trends.

auto body shop marketing

Adjust accordingly.
After you’ve established a daily routine of monitoring your web presence, you’ll be able to see where your marketing efforts are paying off.  If you see a dip in the monthly tracking for website visits, you’ll know that it’s time to beef up your content marketing or social networking.  If you start to lose traction with leads, then you might want to try out some new calls to action.  Take advantage of how easy it is to track your digital marketing progress and adjust accordingly.

Call in the professionals.
If you want to take the guesswork out of your digital marketing, then let Stratosphere Studio give you a hand.  We have loads of experience working with some of the top shops across the U.S. and we’ve been able to increase our clients’ leads to over 50 more per month.  What would you do with the money from 50 extra cars coming into your shop each month?  We’re ready to help you find out!

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