$1.5M in web leads for an RV repair shop, here is how we did it.

2017 was a banner year for the RV industry. As I write this, it is mid December and already the RV manufacturers have shipped out over 500,000 brand new units to dealers. 2018 is already shaping up to be better than 2017 if you can imagine that.

2017 was also a great year for one of our customers- Coach Specialists in Texas. To date just in 2017 we have generated over $1.5 Million in leads for their repair shop of which $1.3 Million are confirmed sales.

How is that possible you ask?

Well we accomplished it through a three part digital marketing strategy- Blogging, call to action, analytics.

Let me break it out by tactic.


For all of our customers, we produce blog content that follows the “they ask – you answer” mantra when coming up with content. Starting with the most common repairs that Coach Specialsts performs (collison repair, roof repair, blow out damage etc) we generated various topics that customers faced or asked the shop directly, and we answered them as thoroughly as possible.

We discussed  topics such as: problems with, costs to fix , length of time to repair, and so on. We also wrote for their specific geography- Dallas – Fort Worth. We wrote about all of these topics as experienced by RV owners in Dallas Texas. This allowed us to dominate Google search for most RV repair problems by customers searching in the Dallas and Fort Worth Texas areas.

We were able to dominate local search, but in doing so we also rank nationally for some of this content.

Search Engine results for RV blo out damage from a stratosphere studio blog

Calls To Action

The next thing we did was attach a call to action to each and every blog post. Now if you have done any studying of Internet Marketing of Inbound marketing, you will recognize this as Inbound Marketing 101.

We created special offers, free roof inspections, discounts on services, and some of them did convert visitors into leads, but the two biggest drivers of leads always comes from two calls to action: The schedule an appointment tool and the get a free online quote tool.

Most of the visitors reading our blog content are in the buy now stage, and after reading the blog content, they can complete the buying process with one click from right there in the blog post.

Its simple, but effective.

By clicking the schedule an appointment/drop off button, you were taken to a sign up form and we bundled this with the  power of attorney forms that  a customer would have to complete when dropping off the RV. This is a time saver for bot the shop and the customer. It makes everyones life easier.


We tracked everything using Hubspot tools,  and kept tabs on all sales through our client’s CCC1 customer management system. We were able to track which visitirs became leads, which leads became sales, and for how much.

We were also able to track what visitor behavior on the site was like and we could make changes, modifications and adjustments to help the efficincy and close ratio.


On our best traffic month we were able to drive 17,209 visits and 46 leads in one month. Our best month for revenue we generated $254,513 in new revenue just from the web.

Of course this is just an overview and we are working on a more in depth review of just how exactly we were able to perform so well for this customer. We are just waiting on all the final data for 2017 and we will update and publish a detailed case study. Stay tuned.

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