Want to get at least 30 new customers every month to your body shop?

How we’re getting 30 leads a month for ABRN’s top body shop.

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We are steadily adding collision centers to our client roster–shops seeking to increase the number of leads and cars to their shops. Our first auto body shop content marketing client was O’Rielly Collision Center in Tucson, Arizona.  The shop has just won the prestigious title of Top Shop by Auto Body Repair Network (ABRN) and we’re proud of their achievement.  Every company we work with is important to us, so a win for you feels like a win for us.

In the ABRN article announcing O’Rielly’s Top Shop title (for the 4th year in a row, by the way—a new record!), Brian Gurrero mentions the effectiveness of the marketing strategies we are performing for them:

O’Rielly’s also is working to attract more customers through upgrades to its website. The site now handles online estimates and churns out regular new content via blogs and updates to its social media. Guerrero says so far the most successful upgrade has been a program that allows customers to download valuable coupons after they submit content information. Using that information, Guerrero follows up via email or a phone call to arrange work.

So how are we averaging 30 new web prospects a month for O’Rielly? Here is the formula:

Step 1.  Business development needs assessment. When we first meet a new client, we begin by listening to their needs.  We ask about the company’s history, what they excel at, and what they want to improve.  Then we do extensive research for the demographics, website performance, Google keyword analysis, competitor performance and web performance, and we then set goals and tactics into a custom-made plan for how to market that client’s business.  Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we apply the tools they need for their market, their customer, their needs.

Step 2. Website Needs. Often, we “inherit” a client’s existing website. Sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes not. With O’Reilly, we worked within their existing framework to incorporate some important calls to action buttons, landing page designs, keyword and SEO adjustments, and of course their blog.  One of the most important additions during that process was the development of their blog.  Titled “Car Facts,” their blog offers them a unique voice to talk about everything body shop-related and it provides their customers with a valuable resource.

Step 3. Calls to action/Special Offers. To make a visitor convert from a passer by to a lead, you need the bait.  For O’Rielly the bait comes in the form of coupons and are a huge part of our lead generating methods.  Throughout the site, coupons are offered which provide anything from free estimates to detailing to dollars off various services.

Step 4. Landing Pages. Clicking on these coupons leads to landing pages that invite visitors to enter their contact information.  O’Rielly follows up with visitors through phone calls and emails.  Another item provided on the website is a downloadable guide, which also generates leads while giving visitors helpful information.

Step 5. Sophisticated web performance tracking. By hosting O’Rielly’s site on Hubspot, a platform that integrates analytics with hosting, we are able to track how much traffic the site is receiving, as well as how many leads are being generated.  Through our work, we have maintained a regular increase of both traffic and leads.  We have also installed a tool on their website which allows us to track which phone calls are prompted through website views.  With these strong analytics, we can see that we are currently generating 30 cars (or leads) per month for O’Rielly Collision Center.

It’s an ongoing process and one that we continue to strive to make even better.  While O’Rielly is working on continuing their Top Shop winning streak, we plan to be behind them every step of the way, working to bring them more loyal customers every month.