Need More Customers to your Auto Body Shop? Try These 6 Offers

A call-to-action (CTA) can be one of the most helpful tools for turning website visitors into cars for your auto body shop. We’ve tested countless offers and found that these 6 have proven to be the most successful every time for the body shops that we work with.

1.) Click to schedule a free estimate
2.) $100 off your deductible
3.) Free pick-up and delivery
4.) Free rental car
5.) Free online ball park estimate
6.) Local auto body shop comparison guide

Each of these 6 offers create value and add ease to your prospective customer’s life in a way that would draw them into your body shop when their car has been damaged.

Don’t think of each of these offers as a “one size fits all”, you should utilize a few if not all of them on your website.

Many customers visiting your website are looking for easy ways to do business with you. Simply adding a “click here to schedule an appointment” or “click here for a free estimate” will get more consumers contacting your shop online. We added these estimate buttons to one body shop and in the first 30 days they got 45 leads. Proof that customers interact with body shops through the website.

Not every customer has rental coverage on their insurance policy. If you have the means, offer a few free rental car days on a quick repair. This can really save some customers money and hassle. Are you a dealership shop? Put them in a new loaner and you just might get the repair, and a trade-in at the same time.

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Many shops have great relationships with their tow companies or might even own their own roll back. Offering free pick-up and delivery creates a “hassle-free” way to do business with your shop.

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Who loves paying a deductible? Most of us are struggling to get by and having to suddenly come up with $500 to $1,000 just to get your car back might be really difficult for some people. The laws vary state to state on this, but offering a $100 off is very appealing to those who need to save money, and might just get you the work.

How you go about handling the actual $100 off is up to you, it can be a rebate, a visa gift card, or some other way of reducing that deductible.

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Your customers lead busy lives. Shopping for body shops is a hassle. We created an all inclusive auto body shop comparison guide to let customer’s “fingers to the shopping.” What we did was we took the top shops in the area (the ones showing up on most DRP lists) and created a comparison guide based on aspects that would be important to the customer. We included average length of repair, towing service, payment options and a lot more like tips for choosing a good body shop.

Click here to download a free copy that you can modify for your shop.

Each of these CTAs will make your body shop stand out from your competition.

Once the customer clicks to claim the offer, have them fill out a form asking for some personal information like their name and phone number. Now you have them as a contact and can work on getting them into the shop from there.

All offers aren’t created equal, some will work much better than others. We’ve found that COME IN FOR A FREE CAR WASH and FREE DETAILING don’t work compared to the 6 listed above.

When a customer is searching for an auto body shop to fit their needs, chances are they have bigger worries on their mind than the fact that their car is dirty. They are looking for a place that they can trust to give them a fair price and make the process as painless as possible.

When it comes to creating offers for your customers, get creative! Try out different ones and see what else works for you. For example, you could offer a PDR special or free headlight restoration.

These CTA’s are one step in the inbound marketing process for auto body shops. Click here to view my video which describes the entire process. Finally, any decent web design company can help you create and add these buttons to your site.

The next step in the process is to create a great landing page and form to collect the data from these visitors so that you can begin to make the sale.

GoodlLuck and happy selling.

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