Why would an auto body shop need a blog? The top 5 reasons.

The best marketing tactic for auto body shops
One of our biggest areas of expertise at Stratosphere Studio is body shop marketing.  Each time we take on a new client, we take the time to research and develop a detailed marketing plan for them, which typically includes frequent, strategic blogging.  In the cases of our body shop clients, they often ask, “Why would a body shop need a blog?”  If you’re wondering the same thing, then let me explain why blogging is extremely important for many businesses—especially body shops.

#1.  Blogging is the best tool for providing timely, relevant content to your customers.
When you hear the word “blogging,” do you picture Doogie Howser typing away on his computer after a challenging day as an adolescent?  Well, it’s time to get that image out of your head, because blogging is so much more than that.  First and foremost, blogging gives you the opportunity to address the questions your customers have.  Do your customers tend to ask about rust, dents, or perhaps parking lot damage?  Then share your knowledge with them.  If there is something related to auto body repair in the news, then address it.  If there is a safety concern that many drivers overlook, then let them know.  If you provide the right content, you’ll generate lots of interested readers.

#2.  Blogging gets you ranked on Google.
The internet has become such an important part of our lives that search engines like Google have become much more sophisticated in order to keep up with us.  To rank high on Google, you have to provide content that matches exact keyword phrases.  With blogging, you can do this in a very brief amount of time.  In fact, we have a 100% success rate of taking our clients to the first page of Google using blogging.

Auto Body Shop SEO

#3.  Blogging allows you to convert visitors into leads.
Each blog post gives you a chance to not only share your knowledge, but also to invite customers to become leads.  How does this happen?  It starts with a great blog post.  Say we’re talking about auto paint jobs, for instance.  At the end of your post you can place a button that says, “Click here for an auto paint estimate.”  That button is what we call a “call to action,” which is what turns visitors into leads.  When people click the button, they’re invited to provide their contact information in exchange for an estimate.  That information can then be used for lead tracking and nurturing.  

#4.  Blogging gives your shop a voice.
People want to take their cars to a shop that seems trustworthy.  With blogging, you can be both knowledgeable and personable, both sympathetic and kind.  It’s all in the tone you choose to use when you write.  If people enjoy your writing voice, then they might feel more inclined to try your facility. 

#5.  Blogging lets you stand out among your competition.
Let me ask you this question—how many auto body shops in your town are blogging?  If you’re like most of our clients, the answer is ZERO.  And if they are blogging, they’re doing it poorly.  When you are blogging frequently and providing great content to your customers, you will stand out way above your competition. 

Are you convinced yet?  At Stratosphere Studio we are experts at blogging for collision repair shops and have successful clients all across the country.  We can take care of the writing for you and help you get over 30 extra cars into your shop each month with our marketing strategies.  Click the link below to check out our starter packages for body shops.  


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