What is a call to action?

Auto body shop marketing

In our quest to help auto body shops perform better in their online marketing, we’ve gotten this question numerous times: “What is a call to action?”  If you are wondering the same thing, then let me explain.  A call to action is simply a line or button on your site inviting your visitor to click for a special offer or service.  Still not sure what I mean or why this device might be useful for your auto body shop website?  Then read on for more information.

The purpose of having a call to action:
Ultimately, a call to action is intended to provide you with leads.  In exchange for an attractive offer or service, your website visitor will provide you with his or her contact information.  You can then add that information to your contact database and include them in your lead nurturing campaign, which involves follow-up emails or even phone calls.  As you increase your number of leads, you can potentially increase your number of body shop customers.  With every coupon downloaded or every appointment scheduled, you gain another car to repair in your shop.  When you think of leads as cars, it translates into dollar signs.

Auto body shop marketing

How to make an effective call to action for your webpage:
An effective call to action is anything that might attract your customers.  It could be a coupon for a free estimate, a cheaper rental car, or other discount that someone might desire.  Your call to action could also be an invitation to schedule an appointment online.  More and more people are turning to the internet to purchase items and schedule services.  It’s something they can do at any time of day or night and in the comfort of their own homes.  By providing an online opportunity for them to schedule an appointment with you, you’re making the experience of having their car repaired that much easier.

Where to use your calls to action:
A call to action can go on every page of your website.  You’ll want to be careful to avoid having too many on one page, since that dilutes your message.  Calls to actions make great sidebar buttons and they work especially well after a blog post pertaining to related subject matter.  Use them liberally and be sure to frequently track how well they’re working.  If you find that one CTA is more effective than another, for instance, you might want to use it on your more popular pages.

Auto body shop marketing

At Stratosphere Studio, we specialize in digital marketing for auto body shops and offer a variety of affordable services, including blogging, social networking, website design, search engine optimization, and more.  Tom, our company’s founder, once owned his own auto body shop before using his marketing expertise to help other body shops.  We’ve even been featured in Fender Bender for our knowledge of body shop marketing.  If you need an agency to help your body shop, give us a call today or click our own call to action below.

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