Repair your broken auto body shop website in 5 easy steps

Repair your auto body shop website

Are you disappointed with your website’s performance?  A number of our clients originally came to us with the same problem.  As experts in the field of body shop marketing, we’ve been able to turn their sites into effective arenas for customer-building.  If you’re not ready to commit to a marketing agency for your website needs, don’t worry—there are several steps you can take on your own to improve your website’s performance. 

Here are the 5 steps that we recommend:

1.       Make a detailed diagnosis.  Every auto repair starts with the correct diagnosis and your website repair is no different.  First, take a step back and examine your website design.  Is it nice to look at?  Is there enough information throughout the site to describe your business well?  Do you have the right keyword phrases on every page?  Are you using plenty of high-quality images?  How well are you ranking on Google?  Try to pinpoint exactly what areas need to be mended.

Auto body shop marketing

2.       Time for overhaulin’.   Do a thorough cleanup of your site, starting with the design.  Take a look at other business’ websites to see what appeals to you and what doesn’t.  Select a look that incorporates images and designated areas for calls to action.  Spiffy up your website copy by adding lots of keyword phrases and up-to-date content.  Starting from the foundation and working your way up is a surefire way to improve your website dramatically.

3.       Drive more traffic.  Once your site is up to speed, drive more people to it!  You’ve already added the right keywords, so what next?  Well, if you’re not blogging already, then get on it asap.  I know that it takes some time, but it’ll be very worth your while.  Write at least one blog a week or at least three per week if you’re looking to rapidly jumpstart traffic.  Focus on subjects that your customers are genuinely interested in.

4.       Get to the track.  What I mean is that you should start tracking your website’s performance, if you’re not already.  Use Google Analytics or another great tracking device and monitor your progress daily.  See which blogs perform better than others and see what keywords visitors used to Google your site. 

Repair for auto body shop website

5.       Perform regular maintenance.  As you know, a car will start looking pretty bad soon if it’s not taken care of.  Your website needs your TLC, as well.  Frequently check to make sure all your links are working properly, that your content is up-to-date, and that your call to action requests are being fulfilled on time. 

With these steps, your website should be up and running beautifully in no time.  And don’t forget—if you’re looking for a professional marketing agency to help you boost your website performance and shop sales, then give Stratosphere Studio a call.  We’ve dramatically increased our clients’ leads to over 50 each month.  What would you do with the money from 50 extra cars coming into your shop each month?  We’re ready to help you find out!