The DOs and DON’Ts of a body shop landing page

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Getting your auto body shop online presence up to speed is a multi-step process.  If you are starting to create landing pages for your website calls to action, then you are well on your way towards effective lead acquisition and nurturing.  A good landing page can mean all the difference for someone who has taken the time to visit it.  With a bad landing page, that person will probably click off of it right away.  To give your page (and body shop lead pool) a fighting chance, put together something that would appeal to you as a customer.

Before I get into more details, here’s a brief refresher on what a landing page is:
A landing page is a page on your site that is dedicated to capturing lead information.  It is the page that your call to action will link to, providing your website visitor with a platform to provide their contact information in exchange for your special offer or service.

And now, here are some tips for creating an effective landing page for your auto body shop website:

DON’T make it very long.  When people reach your landing page, you want to capture their attention right away and you don’t want to risk boring them into leaving. 

DO keep it short and sweet.  Stick to the point and use clear, concise language.  Just a few short paragraphs should do the trick.  Include a title describing the special offer or service, then follow up with basic information.  Use bullet points and bolded words for clarification.

Auto body shop marketing

DON’T have too many boxes to fill out on your submission form.  Once again, you want to be very careful not to overwhelm your page visitor.  If you ask for too much information for them to fill out, they might not think it’s worth their time. 

DO make your form easy to manage.  Ask for only the details you really need, like name and email address.  Brevity is the key to creating great landing page forms.

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DON’T include your full navigation bar on the page.  If you include your navigation bar on your landing page, it makes it too easy for someone to get distracted from the page’s purpose. 

DO limit your navigation or hide it completely.  This doesn’t prevent anyone from clicking the “back” button or another tab on their browser, but it does help to make your offer the focus of attention.

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