Why does blogging work for auto body shops?

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Don’t think blogging drives traffic to your shop? Guess again.

We’ve encountered a number of skeptics when it comes to using blogging as a marketing tool.  Lots of business owners are unaware that blogging is a surefire way to radically boost your website traffic. 

As a digital marketing agency that specializes in auto body shop marketing, we’ve seen firsthand how well blogging works for shops.  If your shop website is suffering from low numbers and little interest, then you should consider the ways a blog could boost your website traffic and, therefore, your body shop sales.

First of all, it gets the right keywords onto your site.
Some body shop owners struggle with search engine optimization and what that entails.  Basically, your goal in marketing your shop online is to boost its search engine rankings so that more people will find your site. 

The more traffic you generate, the more potential business you’ll earn.  In order to boost your search engine rankings, you need to fill your website with the right keywords and keyword phrases.  Here’s an area where blogging will help you out—it gives you a place to discuss all the ins and outs of your business, which will allow you to use all the keywords you need.  Blogging equals SEO nirvana for shop owners.

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It satisfies Google.
Google’s updates (Panda and Penguin) are all geared towards creating great content. If you are a local business, it also favors local businesses with great content. In other words, it will help rank your site on a local level. Google makes more money selling local targeted ads, so their new slant is to boost great local business sites so that they can sell ads to the ones who start dipping in the rankings and are too lazy to build their own great content (very clever Google, very very clever).

So even if you are a great big huge MSO with hundreds of shops in tens of states but only one website, the local guy with a great blog content will beat you every time. Don’t believe me? Google auto body shops in your town and see if the local Carstar shop pulls up on page one. Trust me, it wont. (Carstar, if you are reading this, give us a call we can fix it for you too!)

It makes your site a great resource for customers.
As a body shop owner, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of questions from customers.  Well, just imagine how many people in your area are typing those questions into Google right now.  With your blog, you can become the resource your customers are looking for, and the authority on the subject for your town.

It sets you apart from other body shops.
Think about it—how many other shops in your area are blogging?  Based on our research, the likelihood is very low.  And those that are, are not doing it right. It’s just not a tool that body shop owners are making use of right now.  So this is the perfect opportunity for you to stand out among your competition.   

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It helps you generate customer leads.
By blogging and providing great content for your customers, you will get a lot more people to be interested in your site.  That is your chance to invite them to try your shop for their needs.  Most likely, if people are seeking the answer to a question, they will probably need a shop to repair their vehicle.

On every blog article you create, add a pertinent special offer using a call to action and linked landing page.  This has been a very successful technique for our clients and has helped our top shops to earn over 50 extra leads each month. 

Need help with your body shop blog?
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