How to use email marketing for your auto body shop

Auto body shop email marketing rules

As a collision repair shop owner, you have a number of marketing tactics at your disposal, including event marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, and so on.  A favorite among our clients has been email marketing and for good reason—it’s a wonderful way to stay in touch with your lead database, fostering the potential for future business.  No lead nurturing campaign can be successful without a strong email component.  As a communication tool, email should be valued and used to its best advantage.

Are you looking for ways to increase your body shop business with email marketing?  Here are some strategies that we consider to be essential for any shop:

Auto body shop marketing

·         Appointment confirmations and reminders.  It’s a good idea to send email confirmations to anyone who schedules an appointment at your shop.  In doing so, you’ll build your email database each time you request an address, while also providing this helpful service to your customers.   If an appointment is more than a week away, it would also be helpful to send a reminder closer to the time each person is scheduled. 

·         Service follow-up.  After you’ve completed the work for a customer, use email to follow up and ask how their experience was.  People will appreciate the opportunity to express themselves and their feedback can help you to perfect your business.  If a person had a bad experience, it gives you the chance to mend the situation.

·         Special offers.  Use email to get the word out about any special offers you might have each week.  Be sure to include a unique code or some other indicator so that you can track the success of each promotion.  Invite your customers to share the email with any interested friends and family.

Auto body shop email marketing

·         Events.  Email is often a much more cost-effective method of spreading the word about any special events you might be holding at your shop than direct mail.  Take advantage of the many online tools available to track your RSVPs.

·         Newsletters.  If you’ve written a particularly great blog post that you think your lead database might be interested in, be sure to share it via email.  Or if you’ve hired a new technician, use email to introduce him or her to your customers.  E-newsletters are excellent for keeping customers well-informed and for helping to maintain their interest in your services.

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