5 tips for brainstorming blogging topics for your auto dealership

auto dealership marketing

If you’ve made the decision to start blogging regularly for your auto dealership, the task might feel very overwhelming at first.  For many business owners, the first question they often ask when it comes to content marketing is, “What should I blog about?”  As digital marketing experts, we’ve studied this question extensively at Stratosphere Studio and have learned to apply solutions from some of the best business bloggers out there. 

Here are 5 tips for getting over your writer’s block:

Auto dealership marketing

1.       Make a list of your customers’ common questions.  Naturally, you’re going to want to write about subjects that your customers want to understand better, so make a list of questions your customers have actually asked you about.  Take each one of those questions and dedicate an entire blog post to answering it in detail.  In our experience at Stratosphere, this is hands-down the best way to come up with excellent and relevant material for an auto dealership and auto repair blog.

2.       Track relevant news articles.  When something relevant to the automotive industry hits the news, try to be on top of it so that you can keep your customers updated.  For example, when news stories started appearing about the counterfeit airbags from China that some shops were selling, that was an opportunity for us to let our body shop customers know what was going on.  We were able to explain what to look out for and to reassure them that our shops would never sell them something like that.

3.       Follow topics on social media.  Sign up to be a part of various social networking groups on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter that discuss auto dealerships and auto repair.  You’ll get lots of inspiration for blog topics when you participate in or follow such groups.

4.       Refer to your top performing keywords.  First of all, if you don’t have tracking installed on your website, then get thee to Google Analytics (or an equivalent tracking service) pronto!  Once you’ve started tracking your pageviews and leads, you’ll also be able to see which keywords have brought the most people to your site.  Use those words and keyword phrases to help you craft multiple blog topics to keep boosting your search engine rankings. 

Auto dealership marketing

5.       Refer to your top performing blog posts.  Once you’ve written a healthy number of blog posts, you can begin to track which ones are the most popular.  For instance, maybe your blog post about dents has performed particularly well and ranks high among all of your blog posts.  If that’s the case, then formulate other great questions you can answer about dent repair.  If someone is searching for answers to questions about dent repair, then the more information you can provide, the better.

Another thing you can do: call in the experts!
If you’re having a hard time coming up with blog topics for your auto dealership’s website, then consider having a professional marketing team handle it for you.  At Stratosphere Studio we specialize in auto dealership marketing.  We have crafted plenty of great content to attract over 50 leads per month to our clients’ websites.  If you’re interested in building your business with digital marketing, then we’d love to help you! 

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