How do I use social media in my auto dealership marketing?

auto dealership marketing

It’s become practically expected for auto dealership owners to use social media in support of their business marketing strategies.  In many ways, this is a great development, since social networking can contribute to boosting your website traffic and sales.   But how should a car dealership most effectively use social networking?  It’s not as complicated as it might seem.  All you need is a strategic marketing plan, along with some real dedication to make your auto dealership’s social media effective. 

At Stratosphere Studio, we’ve studied automotive marketing techniques extensively and are happy to share our tips for doing social media right:

auto dealership marketing

·        First, choose the right social media for your auto dealership.  Not every social networking platform works for every business.  I would highly recommend Facebook, but the rest of the networks are up to you.  Being on Google+ can help your search engine rankings, while Twitter is great if you prefer constant interaction.  LinkedIn is helpful for business connections, YouTube is ideal for hosting videos, and Instagram would be great for an auto dealership that likes to showcase unique vehicles.  Some dealerships might even benefit from Pinterest or Tumblr.  It’s all about the personality of your shop and the amount of time you have to dedicate to social networking.

·        Next, make the time to update regularly.  The greatest benefit to social networking for auto dealerships is that it allows for immediate customer engagement.  People are plugged into their favorite social networks for a good portion of the day, which gives you many opportunities to stay in touch with them.  Make sure you update at least daily on a platform like Facebook or Google+.  For Twitter you’ll need to update several times each day.  What’s most important, however, is that you respond right away if anyone posts a comment on your page.  If you make your social networking page a reliable form of communication, people will be more inclined to care about it and you.

Auto dealership marketing

·        Write dynamic, interesting, and relevant social networking posts.  Try to refrain from posting anything random, like posts about cats, goofy eCards, or anything political or religious.  If there’s a good eCard about something automotive, then…okay.  Your posts need to pertain to your business.  Use social media to your advantage by getting people engaged.  Post strong calls to action, links to every blog article you write, and photos of your auto dealership.  Invite questions and provide thoughtful answers.  Another effective strategy with social networking is to create contests.  For instance, the 500th person to become your fan could win something from you.  It could be a service you offer, a t-shirt, or something else.  The more you put into your social media presence, the more you’ll get out of it.

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