How to bring more business into your auto mechanic shop

car repair shop website

When the economy took a turn, lots of businesses suffered, including those in the automotive industry.  Instead of bringing their cars in to a shop for regular maintenance or even to have much-needed repair work done, people started letting all these things slide.  They kept driving on beat-up tires and worn out brakes, or let their neighbor (with just some preliminary knowledge of car repair) come over and replace a few broken parts.  If you are a mechanic, you’re probably nodding your head right now, because you know that what I’m saying is true.  And of course it’s extremely frustrating for those of you in your profession. 

More website visits equals more visits to your car repair shop.
The good news is that you can still bring more customers into your car repair shop, in spite of our unreliable economy.  At Stratosphere Studio, we’ve worked with our auto mechanic clients to bring them significantly more customers by implementing our online marketing strategies.  With one of our shops, for instance, we’ve increased their website visits 810% over last year’s numbers (3,882 monthly visits this month, compared to 427 visits last year).  Can you imagine how much business that kind of web traffic could drive into your shop?

car repair shop website

Blog to boost your auto mechanic shop website visits.
If you are ready to boost your shop’s business, one of the best things you can do is to start blogging.  By blogging, you can turn your car repair website into a valuable resource for your potential customers.  Not only that, but you will also load your site up with tons of relevant keywords, while providing many opportunities for lead generation.  But there are many ways to go about blogging the wrong way, so here are our tips for blogging the right way for your shop:

·         Choose genuinely helpful topics.  First, think about all the questions you hear on a daily basis at your shop and write those down.  I bet you can easily think of 25 questions off the top of your head!  For us, some of our most-read blog entries answered questions about a car’s clutch, brakes, and tire conditions.

·         Write well.  When you write, focus on just one question to answer at a time.  Be detailed, be honest, and be considerate.  Use this as an opportunity to demonstrate excellent customer service.  If your writing voice is condescending, vague, or haphazard, then that’s how your business will be perceived.  You need to write in such a way that will attract and keep your website visitors’ attention.

·         Write often.  In order for your blogging to be most effective, you need to write frequently—at least once a week.  The more material you provide, the more pages that search engines will recognize, and the more attention you will start to receive online.   

  car repair shop website

Don’t think you have time to blog for your auto repair shop website?
At Stratosphere Studio, we can take this work off your plate.  Our bloggers are experts at crafting the right material to attract visitors to your auto shop’s website.  We can provide individual services, like blogging, search engine optimization, website design, and more, or we can develop a comprehensive marketing package to fit your shop’s unique needs.  Our automotive clients span the country and are some of the most successful shops in their respective cities.  We’re ready to help you next!