Auto Body Shop Blogging: 5 Ways You’re Doing It Wrong

auto body shop marketing

As an agency that specializes in marketing for auto body shops, we have conducted a great deal of research into what the current marketing trends are, as well as what works for body shops and what doesn’t.  We scour numerous shop websites all over the country every week and monitor how our auto body clients are doing compared to their competition.  Many auto body shops out there have started applying helpful internet marketing techniques, but too many times they’re going about it the wrong way.  We don’t want you to make the same mistakes.  So this week, let’s talk about blogging. 

At Stratosphere Studio, blogging is our bread and butter.  We’ve seen how amazingly effective it can be at driving traffic to our clients’ websites, bringing them over 30 extra leads each month, and ultimately increasing their business success.  Not many body shops out there are blogging like we are, but the ones that are usually aren’t applying any techniques that would drive business their way.  Take a look at your blogging to see if you’re making any of these common mistakes:

auto body shop marketing

1.       You are writing about irrelevant topics.  The best Super Bowl commercials?  Decorating your car for the holidays?  Sure, these might be entertaining topics, but they’re completely irrelevant.  People aren’t going to look to a body shop for this information—if they’re on the hunt for this information in the first place.  Don’t use your blog just to fill space on the internet.  Instead, be strategic and write about topics that would attract your potential customers. 

2.       You’re not answering questions.  To help you write about more relevant topics, use the “They Ask, You Answer” technique.  Brainstorm a list of 20 questions your customers typically ask.  Maybe it’s, “How much does it cost to repair rust?” or “Why is my paint peeling?”  These are the kinds of questions that people are probably typing into Google right now, so you need to provide the answers!  The question itself can be the title of your blog and then you can use the body of the blog to answer it. 

3.       Your blog entries are way too short or too long.  There’s a sweet spot when it comes to blog length and it’s around 500 or 600 words.  Too few words and your blog might not get picked up by Google.  Too many words and you risk overwhelming your reader.  It’s not that people are too lazy to read lots of content—they’re just selective about what they’ll devote their attention to. 

auto body shop marketing

4.       You’re not paying any attention to keywords.  Keywords are not the be-all, end-all of blogging, but they are still important.  Don’t forget to include variations of “collision repair” in your writing, along with location.  When people search for a body shop, they often indicate place in their search terms.  Definitely focus on the quality of your content, but include a few important keywords for good measure.

5.       You’re neglecting to include a call to action.  Use each and every one of your blog entries as an opportunity for acquiring lead information.  Offer an enticing coupon or some helpful downloadable material, and ask for their names and email addresses in return. 

Follow these tips and your blog should be driving more business your way in no time!  If you are looking for professional help with your auto body shop marketing, then give us a call today.  We can create a full-fledged marketing plan for your shop or provide individual services, like blogging, search engine optimization, website design, and more.  Our clients are some of the most successful auto body shops in their respective cities and we’d love to help you next.