5 easy and FREE ways to revitalize your stalled collision repair marketing

collision repair marketing

Are you at a point in the year when your auto body shop marketing efforts seem to have stalled?  Maybe your website pageviews are flat-lining or your leads are down.  Maybe you’re just not getting the number of customers that you did this time last year.  You’re not alone—even the top car repair shops across the country have experienced diminished marketing results from time to time.  It is certainly frustrating to experience this, especially when you can’t see what you might be doing differently to cause this decline in results.  Sometimes the problem is that your marketing efforts have become stale and simply need to be shaken up.   

If your auto body shop marketing is in need of rejuvenation, here are 5 simple fixes that can help:

1.       Switch up your keywords.  If you’ve been using the same old keywords in your blog posts, experiment with some new variations.  An easy example would be to use “auto body repair” instead of “collision repair.”  You can also try adding your specific location to your blog post titles.  For instance, use “auto body repair in Louisville, Kentucky” instead of just “auto body repair.”  This will help rank you on search engines for your unique location.

collision repair marketing

2.       Make new calls to action.  If you’ve been relying on the same old special offers for your calls to action, try something new.  Offer a coupon for free auto detailing or something else that your customers might appreciate.  Start a contest in which your website visitors can enter their contact information in order to win something.  Offer a new downloadable guide that your customers would want to print out and use.  Fresh calls to action can boost your lead generation immensely.

3.       Invigorate your blog posts.  Take a look at your blog posts—are they answering important customer questions?  Are there some hot questions you haven’t answered, yet?  Another thing you can do is to look at the analytics on your old blog posts and see which ones have been read and shared the most.  Write some spin-off posts on those topics, since they’ve been able to generate so much interest. 

4.       Ramp up your social media.  Invite your followers to post questions they’d like you to answer in detail and use these to fuel your blog posts.  Jump on a network you haven’t tried before, like Instagram, and start posting photos of your custom paint work.  Invite customers to share their reviews of your work online.  Social media can be excellent for both retaining current customers and attracting new ones.    

5.       Adjust your website for search engine optimization.  Go through each of your website pages and make sure you have strong keywords in place in your page titles and metadata.  Use HubSpot’s Marketing Grader for some extra assistance.

collision repair marketing

At Stratosphere Studio, we are experts in collision repair marketing.
If you have questions about your auto body shop marketing strategies, we would be happy to help.  Our team specializes in marketing for all branches of the automotive industry, including collision repair and auto mechanical repair.  We offer many services, such as professional blogging, search engine optimization, website design, social networking, and much more.    

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