The top 5 websites to improve your collision repair marketing

collision repair marketing

If you are reading this right now, then you are clearly someone who cares about your auto body shop business and recognizes that marketing is hard work.  You already understand that the best way to be successful in your marketing is to educate yourself as much as possible about what strategies have been proven effective over time.  At Stratosphere Studio, we too make it our mission to monitor all of the newest collision repair marketing information out there, since it is our specialty.  To help us accomplish this, we regularly follow a number of websites that are chock-full of online marketing strategies.  If you are looking for excellent marketing resources for your body shop, then here are 5 websites for you to check out today:

1.       Fender Bender.  Essentially everyone in the collision repair business knows how helpful Fender Bender is for all aspects of the business.  If you need advice on anything from customer service to leadership and marketing, you can find it all at Fender Bender.  We always look to the site for tips and have been happy to share our own collision repair marketing strategies with the magazine’s readers.     

collision repair marketing

2.       HubSpot.  HubSpot is not just a great marketing software platform; it’s also a wellspring of marketing information.  You can spend hours reading their many useful blog posts or download tools in their Marketing Library and take a tour through their Marketing Academy.  Whether you are new to collision repair marketing or a seasoned pro, it is likely you’ll find something useful at HubSpot.

3.       Dealer Communications.  If you are in the automotive business, then Dealer Communications is a must for you.  What we particularly love about this site is that it houses all relevant automotive information in one place, including marketing tips, financial news, product innovations, management tips, and so much more.  It has become one of our main go-to websites for auto repair, auto body, and auto dealership information.

4.       The Sales Lion.  If you’ve never heard of Marcus Sheridan, you’ll be thankful you’re hearing about him now.  He is one of the most innovative content marketing pioneers out there.  Through his blog and his excellent TED Talk, you’ll learn about his wonderful policy of honesty when it comes to communicating with customers—a refreshing approach that the auto body industry can greatly benefit from.   

5.       MarketingProfs.  This is yet another website that addresses a remarkable assortment of marketing topics, ranging from branding and PR to social networking and mobile marketing.  The website is certain to bring you plenty of tips for increasing your marketing success.

collision repair marketing

Do you have questions about your collision repair marketing?
At Stratosphere Studio, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have, drawing upon our years of auto body shop marketing experience.  We offer many services, including website design, search engine optimization, social networking, professional blogging, lead nurturing, email marketing, and much, much more.  For any of these services or for a comprehensive digital marketing proposal, give us a call today.

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