How to find the best agency to handle your collision repair marketing

Image of searching for an agency specializing in collision repair marketing

If you are the owner of an auto body shop, you, like many of our clients, are likely overwhelmed with the many job roles you are performing.  While it can be extremely rewarding to run a body shop, it can also be very stressful—especially if you are having to take on tasks that are either not a huge priority or not a part of your particular skill set.  We see this over and over again among our collision repair clients—they are often so busy that they don’t have time to market their businesses effectively.

Does this sound like you?  Are you considering hiring an agency to take on your collision repair marketing?  Lots of body shops have turned to this option, outsourcing their marketing needs in order to bring in more business.  In many cases, this is an excellent plan.  And I’m not only saying that because we are an agency that specializes in marketing for body shops.  It’s a good plan because it frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business while letting professionals with marketing experience handle your specific needs.  The trick, however, is to find an agency that can do the best job for you.  Just as you would carefully inspect the resume of a potential new employee, you should carefully inspect your selected agency for its capabilities.  Here’s what we recommend you look for:

Image of searching for an agency specializing in collision repair marketing

An agency that knows the ins and outs of the automotive industry.
Your business is in a very particular niche, so a one-size-fits-all marketing plan just won’t work.  You need a marketing team that understands what body shop customers are looking for, how they shop, what questions they have, and generally what they need from a collision repair shop.

An agency that delivers on content marketing.
Lots of agencies throw around common terms like “SEO” and “content marketing,” but not all of them actually know what they’re talking about.  Content marketing takes dedication, creativity, and a solid, long-term plan.  Look for an agency with a strong track record for delivering on content marketing.

An agency that is excited about technology.
Technology is advancing too rapidly for anyone to resist it.  The days of relying on print ads and coupons are not entirely gone, but they’re simply not as effective as what a business can do to market itself online.  Look for an agency that is evolving right along with the many advances in technology.

An agency that can give you one-on-one attention.
Watch out for sprawling marketing agencies that take on so many clients that they’re churning out advertising like a machine.  In these environments, it’s easy for your shop to become a needle in a haystack.  Instead, look for an agency that can dedicate itself to you on a personal level.

Image of searching for an agency specializing in collision repair marketing

Do you have questions about your collision repair marketing?
At Stratosphere Studio, a marketing agency dedicated to helping auto repair shops to increase their business, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  We can also develop a customized marketing plan to fit your unique needs or provide individualized services, such as professional blogging, website design, social networking, video services, and more.  We look forward to helping you!