Should I buy online ads to boost my collision repair marketing?

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In marketing their businesses these days, body shop owners are bombarded by many different options for how they can advertise.  You can go the old-fashioned route of print ads and coupon mailers.  You can go the expensive route of radio spots, TV spots, and billboards.  You can throw caution to the wind and rely solely on word-of-mouth.  You can even do a little bit of everything and see what happens.  But what about online advertising?  Even though this method of advertising has been around for decades now, it is still fairly new in the world of marketing.  That’s probably why lots of business owners are hesitant to rely on it.  Yet, there are many great reasons to give online advertising a try if you want to boost your collision repair marketing success.  Are you considering buying online ads to advertise your body shop, but you’re concerned that it’s not the best kind of marketing for your budget?  Here are some important reasons why it’s likely the best advertising option to boost your body shop revenue:

Online ads are more targeted than any other type of advertising.
The days of marketing by throwing ideas on the wall and seeing what sticks are just about gone.  No more relying solely on your intuition and an astronomical marketing budget.  Instead, being as strategic as possible is key.  With the capabilities that advertisers have in targeting the exact demographics they are looking for, you can ensure that your message is being presented to the exact people who would be interested in your services.  Online ads can target people of a certain age, income status, gender, and more.  They can also target people who are searching for specific terms, like “body shop” and “collision repair.”  With this amount of specificity, you’ll know that your marketing is reaching all the right people for your business.

Image of collision repair marketing questions

Online ads are cost-effective.
Because they are so targeted, online ads give you a whole lot of bang for your buck.  On top of that, they tend to be much cheaper than alternative methods of advertising, like newspaper ads and TV spots, which can cost thousands of dollars for a single campaign.  Plus, with an online ad, a person can take immediate action to pursue your services by clicking the ad and visiting your website.

Online ads can be tracked.
Because online ads can be tracked, you will be able to know exactly how many visits and clicks your ad generates on a daily basis.  Armed with this knowledge, you can tweak your ad, change your demographics, alter your budget, and more.  This knowledge can help you to make more informed decisions about your advertising.

Image of collision repair marketing questions

Do you have questions about purchasing online ads to increase the success of your collision repair marketing?
At Stratosphere Studio, a marketing agency dedicated to helping auto repair shops to increase their business, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  We can also develop a customized marketing plan to fit your unique needs or provide individualized services, such as professional blogging, website design, social networking, video services, and more.  We look forward to helping you!

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