Smart ways to convert your collision repair website visitors into leads

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When we talk to collision repair shop owners about their digital marketing, a common concern among them is the process of acquiring leads.  Because lead generation is crucial for long-term sustainability for any business, we understand and appreciate our clients’ concern.  Are you, too, concerned about acquiring more leads for your auto body shop?  Fortunately, your collision repair shop website is one of the strongest tools you can use towards building a successful lead acquisition strategy.

Convert website visitors into leads with strategic calls to action.
In previous blogs, we’ve addressed how you can improve your website traffic with keywords and strong design tactics, but the next step is to convert those visitors into leads.  The best way you can accomplish this is through what we call a “call to action,” which is a line or button inviting your visitor to take action.  For instance, you could invite your website visitor to do something as simple as giving your shop a call or you could provide a special offer or service.  By offering a great incentive, you increase the likelihood of capturing your visitor’s contact information.

Here are some great incentives for any collision repair shop:

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An appointment.  Because more and more people are turning to the internet to purchase items and schedule services, it can be helpful to offer an option for scheduling an appointment on your website.  It’s something they can do at any time of day or night and in the comfort of their own homes.  By providing an online opportunity for them to schedule an appointment with you, you’re making the experience of having their car repaired that much easier.

A coupon offer.  Discounts are appealing to just about everyone, so try offering a variety of coupons on your website.  These could include coupons for a free estimate, a rental car discount, detailing, or any other special that your shop might offer.  By posting a variety of coupons, you can experiment with which offers are more appealing to your visitors and make more informed marketing decisions in the future.

A downloadable guide.  A downloadable guide is yet another great incentive for a website visitor to provide his or her lead information.  The trick is to provide content that is genuinely valuable to a potential customer, like a guide that addresses common auto insurance questions or a guide to the top body shops in your city.  If you think like a customer, you’ll have no problem coming up with suitable material to develop.

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Don’t forget to follow up with your new leads.
It is crucial to respond to any appointment requests right away and make sure that coupons and downloadable guides are available immediately.  Apply your customer service know-how to make the online experience excellent for your new leads.

Do you have questions about your collision repair marketing strategies?
If you have questions about your auto body shop marketing strategies, we would be happy to help.  Our team at Stratosphere Studio specializes in marketing for all branches of the automotive industry, including collision repair and auto mechanical repair.  We offer many services, such as professional blogging, search engine optimization, website design, social networking, and much more.  Our most successful shops are earning 50 new leads per month and yours can, too.


  1. Nate

    It is kind of rare (at least in my experience) for someone to convert to a sale on their first visit to a site. Following up is important for exactly that reason. If they are interested enough to leave some form of information, they ARE a solid lead.

  2. juan

    need more info and pricing for your services for my auto body shop

  3. Sergio

    Thank you for sharing those tips and tricks. Great funnel and explanation given here. Calls to action are key to drive more people to your site, and the ones you listed are perfect examples! Great article!

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