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The top 5 reasons why social media is essential for collision repair marketing

social media2 The top 5 reasons why social media is essential for collision repair marketingWith the many marketing avenues available to business owners these days, you might feel a little overwhelmed.  This is an issue that comes up over and over again for our collision repair clients.  They want to know specifically whether social media marketing is necessary and how it might be important to the overall success of their auto body shops.  These are great questions and we’ve dedicated loads of our time here at Stratosphere Studio towards getting to the bottom of it all.

In one word, the answer to the question “Is social media important for my body shop?” is a resounding YES.  Social networking is essential to practically every business out there that sells products or services.  Don’t believe me?  Here are five reasons why social media is so crucial:

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Troubleshooting 5 common collision repair shop marketing problems

research5 300x242 Troubleshooting 5 common collision repair shop marketing problemsOne of the most frequent problems we find among collision repair shops all over the country is that they seem to be doing everything they can to market their businesses, but that marketing just isn’t translating to sales.  This can be a huge frustration—especially when you’ve been devoting so much time you don’t really have to this area of your business.  When our auto body shop clients first come to us for help with their marketing, we carefully evaluate what they are already doing and then recommend what steps we can take to increase the success of their business.  A major part of this process involves troubleshooting where the problem areas are.  Some problems are so common among body shops that we wanted to create this guide for you in case you are in the process of evaluating your own marketing.  See if any of these issues match your own situation:

Problem #1: You have lots of website visitors, but hardly any leads.
If your collision repair shop is suffering from this issue, don’t worry—you’ve at least conquered the first marketing step of getting people to your site.  Now it sounds like you need some really attractive offers in order to convert your visitors into leads.  Post calls to action on every single page of your website that ask visitors for their contact information in exchange for irresistible coupons, downloadable body shop guides, videos, and more.  Sometimes, the most attractive CTA is a page for scheduling an appointment.  Test out various offers and see what people respond to most.

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5 easy tips for staying engaged with your collision repair shop customers

customer 300x200 5 easy tips for staying engaged with your collision repair shop customersAs you have probably experienced yourself, people are bombarded with advertisements all day, every day.  Ads haunt our peripheral vision on the highway, obscure the webpages we’re trying to view online, barrage our televisions, and litter our mailboxes.  Advertising is unavoidable—especially in this day and age, with our increasingly immediate and all-consuming technology.  Now, not all of this is necessarily a bad thing, but it can be tricky to get your message across as an auto body shop when you’re competing with so many other shops, along with every other kind of product and service out there.  The real issue happens when you try to create and maintain a lasting connection with your customers.  This is something that many of our collision repair shop clients have struggled with before coming to us, often having tried and failed to remain engaged with the customers they’ve acquired over time.

So, in an age where so much social grazing is happening, how can a business effectively stay in touch with its customers?  While this can be very challenging for many businesses, here are some great collision repair marketing strategies you can implement to remain interesting and engaging to your customers:

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