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4 Advantages of Adding Video to Your Auto Repair Website

Have you ever heard the phrase “show, don’t tell?” We bet you have. Today, we want to talk about the importance of that phrase and how it applies to video marketing for your website. There are so many advantages of adding video to your auto repair website. According to WordStream, 87% of online marketers use video content and one-third of online activity is spent watching a video. The simple fact is that people are enjoying video content more and more. It’s easier to get the information you need/want from a video than reading pages and pages about it.

Why Adding Video to Your Auto Repair Website Will Increase Your Success

According to VideoBrewery, 46% of online video viewers take some action after viewing an ad or video. Wouldn’t you want your visitors to see a video about your shop and its services, then fill out a form to become a lead? We think most auto repairs shops would. That is why we want to talk to you about the advantages of adding video to your auto repair website! At Stratosphere, even we are about to embark on our own video journey (so stay tuned).

Better Brand Representation

Almost everything is done online these days. From shopping to working to communicating and so much more. While this is great for our day-to-day lives, it can be difficult for online users to associate names with faces through all the content being thrown out there. If you truly want your auto repair shop to stick out from your competitors in the area, video is a great way to represent and showcase your brand. Emotions and experiences connect people. The more you can get video of your shop’s processes, employees, techniques, or even updates in front of your audience, the more trustworthy and human you appear.

Video will display your brand’s personality. Maybe some of your shop guys have a great sense of humor and love talking about what they do. So, put them on camera to talk about your business! It builds a sense of who you are. People love hearing about what others are passionate about and what better way is there than to capture it on video.

Improves Google Ranking

If you look at Google’s ranking factors, you see they look at quite a few things (okay maybe hundreds of things). Two important things they look at are multimedia and a user’s “dwell time.” Video is a strong content quality signal that alerts Google to a relevant source of material as it combs through your site. “Dwell time,” is how long a visitor stays on your website. Google is looking to see the time spent on the pages of your site because, well, the longer the better. Longer = quality content in this world. A video is a great way to capture and keep a visitor’s attention.

Showcase Your Best Side

You always want to show-off the best parts about your business. You know your repair shop has the best tools in the area, the best technicians, and the best overall operating space. So, why not let your customers see that side? When looking at the advantages of adding video to your auto repair website, this reason alone should grab you. What’s great is that video content doesn’t need to be long. Most users will only sit and watch a video for 3 minutes or less.

This could be as simple as a quick video explaining what you’re working on for the day, how you do something, displaying updated tools, or introducing different employees every week. When your customers see you at work, they will trust that you do a bang-up job!

Display Previous Customers’ Testimonials

If you have a hard time saying it yourself, have someone else do it! At Stratosphere, we talk all the time about getting reviews for your business. Well, why not get them on video! As long as you ask permission first, have some happy customers share why they love coming to your shop on-screen. It will help humanize your business and shed light on everything you’re doing right. Real people sharing real reviews will bring a level of truth you just can’t get through a Facebook post alone.

Have We Sold You Yet?

We only listed 4 to save you time, but these were just a few of the advantages of adding video to your auto repair website. If you would like to learn more about how to shoot video or having someone do it for you, reach out! We could talk to you all day about how much we love video marketing. If you have a camera (phone or otherwise), you’re ready. But, if you need some extra help, we’re here! We’d love to hear what ideas you have for your repair shop. And, as we mentioned earlier, we’re breaking into it ourselves. Keep an eye out for some short videos coming your way soon.

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Why is My Auto Repair Website Not Ranking?

So, you’ve been doing everything you can to work on your inbound marketing. You now have a rock-solid website and have been working to create great content. But, maybe you’re not getting the results you’ve been hoping for. While everything may look great on paper, your website just isn’t showing up in Google’s search results as well as you’d hope. You’re probably asking, “why is my auto repair website not ranking like it should be” all too often. So, let’s talk about it! We want to make sure you understand why your repair website isn’t ranking and ways to improve!

Why is My Auto Repair Website Not Ranking?

From the outside, the basic standards of SEO appear simple – you create great, engaging content and use/build links. But, on the inside, SEO can be much more complicated. There are many different reasons your auto repair website isn’t ranking including better-looking sites from tough competition and a lack of great links. When you’re trying to manage your business, it’s easy to miss a lot of the factors you need to guarantee your digital marketing and inbound success. Below we’ll talk about some of the most common reasons your auto repair website is no longer ranking and provide some insight as to how to fix it.

Common Problems with Ranking…

  1. Competition

You’ll always have competition in this industry. As more auto repair shops become equipped with superior technology, their websites will showcase that. Most of your competition will be from other repair shops paying for spots or use keywords. Your competitors may be using keywords such as “bumper repair” in order to rank. If you try to use those same keywords, you will never rank because the results page is flooded with results from other sites using that phrase.

At Stratosphere, we talk a lot about targeting your audience specifically. The best way you can do this is to think about what your customers are searching for. Instead of a simple keyword of “bumper repair,” try something more specific like, “How much is bumper repair.” You can also at a more geo-specific location to your keyword.

  1. Consistency

Another reason your site might not be ranking is due to a lack of content or “light” content. Google has algorithms designed to seek out the most unique, relevant, and strong content. The most successful pages have the most of each of those. If your blog is only updated once every so often and each post is less than a few hundred words, you’re doing something wrong. Luckily for you, this problem is simple to fix and we can help you. Our team of expert bloggers and SEO specialists can write substantial content worthy of your inbound links.

The best thing to do here is to start lengthening short content and editing existing content for value. Be sure your pages have optimized headings and subheading with relevant keywords. Stick to a posting schedule. It doesn’t have to be every day, but once a week or bi-weekly is a great place to start.

  1. Optimize Your Pages

Google combs through your website with bots to make sure everything you post is relevant and matches what you are offering. This so important when it comes to on-page optimization. Every page on your website should have titles, subheadings, and XML sitemaps. These play a vital role in helping Google understand your site. You might have strong content and links but if your site still isn’t ranking it could be because of bad on-page optimization.

  1. Poor Links

Put very simply, inbound links throughout pages and posts keep visitors moving throughout your site. Outbound links will take them to other helpful resources. Google’s algorithms will determine if a page is the best result for a keyword based on the relevance and value of inbound links. When your website has more links, it will rank better. But not all links are created equal. Links from a website that fit inside the auto industry and auto repair niche will be more successful for you than links related to say, food or beauty. It sounds like a simple concept, but these concepts are forgotten all too often.

The same idea for outbound links to other sites goes for link building. You don’t want a link to your website showing up on a terrible website about something not related to the auto industry. There are lots of ways to make great link building happen including entering town business competitions or sponsoring a local event.

Optimizing your website to rank better for organic searches is a long process and requires a lot of effort. But done right, you’ll have more and more visitors to your site every month. Stratosphere Studio has helped many of our clients reach over 20,000 visitors to their website each month, bringing more people into their shop. If this sounds like something you want, reach out! We are always looking for a chance to stretch out marketing and inbound muscles to get you where you need to be.


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How to Create Blog Headlines for Repair Shops

Blogging is a way for businesses to regularly publish and promote relevant content for their customers. This type of content creation is a proven way to demonstrate industry-specific knowledge about collision repair to your followers and customer base. Attracting, converting, and delighting potential customers begins with great content to suit their needs. And, while blogs are one of the best ways to extend your reach, you simply cannot have a great blog without an attractive headline. The headline, or title of your blog post, is the first thing readers will see. They will use the title to determine if reading the blog is worth their time. So how do we craft headlines to tell the same story or answer the same questions your blog post does?

How To Create Headlines for Repair Shop Blogs

Since you are writing for your repair shop, you must write content related to your industry. Your customers are going to search for topics related to repair problems. Using this idea of related topics will help you construct the best headline. Below are the best ways we create headlines:

Brainstorming a List of Topics

Being in the repair industry, your shop needs to focus on topics customers are searching for. A great way to come up with topics to write about is by brainstorming ideas. A lot of people find brainstorming intimidating, but here are some ways you can brainstorm a list of topics:

What are the most frequently asked questions from customers?

A great way to come up with content is to start writing down some of the questions your current clients ask you. For example, if you have several clients coming in asking about bumper repairs, create a topic about bumper repair and everything that goes into it.

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Best Practices for Getting More Leads for Your Repair Shop

For many repair shops, boosting the number of leads obtained in a month is their primary goal. This is a great goal to have because of the simple journey a lead takes to generate more business for your company. When you have more leads, you have more customers coming in. When you have more customers coming in, the more income for your business; and who wouldn’t want that? Earning more leads for your repair shop is undoubtedly the best position for your company. This cycle helps business everywhere, but it can be a difficult process to start.

For some of our top clients, we help them land over 50 leads each month. We’ve helped our client, Coach Specialists, reach $1.5 million in web leads. Below, we’ll teach you some strategies you can use to start bringing in more leads for your repair shop.

Best Practices for Getting More Leads for Your Repair Shop

You Must Have a Website

Website design is the first and most important step in getting more leads. Your customers need a place to go to give you their contact information, find your information, and look at other resources. Have a smart looking website with concrete resources helps build trust between you and your audience. Your customers will want to stick around and check out what you have to offer. Blogging is a great addition to your website as it offers answers to your customers’ questions. A lot of clients are afraid/confused when they see blogging. But you aren’t going to be blogging about yourself or your interests. Each blog should be tailored to answering a frequently asked questioned or topic related to your services. Your well-designed website can address those questions and bring people into your shop.