Dealerships: sell more cars using these internet marketing techniques

Every dealership has a website, and every dealership has an online inventory. In fact most dealerships have a full time Internet manager. It’s also no secret that nearly everyone searches online before buying a new or used car. So how do you lead these shoppers to your site, to your inventory, and then most importantly to your lot?

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The answer is BLOGGING.  Car buyers are online because they want to find out information about the product and they want pricing. They want to know if this vehicle fits their needs, budget and is reliable. If you are a new car dealership, you already have information and content available to you from the manufacturers. But the blog is where you can get extremely specific.  This is your opportunity to display your intimate knowledge with the product and give your consumer the information they are seeking.

Lets say you are selling a particular SUV, which is popular with families. Use the blog as a platform to dig out the details buyers of that car are interested in seeing. Pick up where the manufacturers leave off. Imagine you are at their desk showing them the features and benefits of that vehicle. Each blog post is a feature and benefit. Blog post one can be about the seating and roominess of the vehicle. Use this blog to discuss things such as seat material and construction. Demonstrate is ruggedness for families. How easy is it to get kids in an out of it? Does it have third row seating? Does it have captain’s chairs to help kids in and out of the third-row? Does it clean up easy? Use photos or video to demonstrate these features. You want to be able to answer those questions a buyer for that specific vehicle may have. Talk about how easy it is to get the kids in an out especially when friends are along for the ride. Here are some additional ideas you could do on your blog pages.

  1. Interview a customer who bought one a year ago about how well it is holding up to the family needs and ease of accessibility.
  2. Get them to share a unique personal story about that feature.
  3. Take a camera or video camera and shoot some footage of the interior with people sitting in the seats, with car seats, and with some groceries- it doesn’t have to be a huge production.
  4. Take one home for the weekend and write about your personal experiences.

People want to buy cars from knowledgeable people who they can trust will give them the best deal. The blogs give you that authority. In addition to the blogs you need to include a call to action on each page. This is a button that leads to landing page where a customer fills out some basic information to get something in return also known as premium content. Perhaps this is a web only discount coupon for that vehicle. Or maybe it’s a promotion you are running for a free service after the purchase of the vehicle, or a free tank of gas. If you have a potential buyer on your site, you want to be able to capture their contact information. The call to action button must compel the buyer to make the next step.

Blogging also allows opportunities for customers to share content with their friends –other potential buyers.

Blogging also allows for Search engine optimization.

Boyle Buick in Abingdon Maryland is the number one selling Buick dealer in the mid atlantic area which covers Souther New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC. They use their blog the right way to boost their sales. Here is a perfect example: Boyle Buick blog example

Transforming your marketing to be online is critical as more people are turning to the Internet to conduct product and service reviews. Get and stay ahead of the competitor down the street by taking advantage of the online opportunities available.