We are growing in 2012!

A major goal for any business is always growth. Our company is founded on developing tactics and tools to help you grow. We are sales people, and are focused on getting you more sales which in turn will help us get more sales and grow. Here is what we hope to accomplish in 2012.

Stratosphere studios new year-resized-600.jpg


We are looking to bring on board two new sales people at a minimum. This will be a contract position until that sales person has reached a certain and very attainable revenue goal. If you know of any good aggressive sales people out there we would like to talk to them. Please have them contact Tom directly 410-459-7022. The right candidate could easily make decent salary in just a few months. The job market is a tough one right now so maybe your friends or neighbors are ready to give something new a try. If they have a network of former clients or customers, and can sell BtoB, we want to talk.

Secondly we are going to start using the amazing talents of our new design superstar Garth Gerhart. In addition to being a great graphic designer Garth is also an illustrator and is actually a contributing cartoonist for Mad Magazine with his character “Bitterman”. Garth has worked in ad agencies, and was even a military police officer. I look forward to handing over some of the design duties to free up some more time.

In January, our first intern Jackie Mitchell starts working with us. Jackie is finishing up her marketing degree at Harford Community College and will help develop programs such as the teen driver program for body shops and dealerships, a project that desperately needs to move from concept to finished product. I’m excited to welcome Jackie on board. Maybe she’ll want to come on full time after she graduates. Stay tuned.

We’re also going to start practicing more of what we preach here at Stratosphere Studio. Long time supporters and reseller’s of the HUBSPOT inbound Marketing system, we are going to start filling this space with great premium content for you to download and use in your business and our blogs will get updated frequently with tips and techniques and stories of marketing put to good use with a run down of what we can all learn from other companies success. If we are going to sell you on the power of blogging, its time we made time for our own blog. So subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already or check back frequently for goodies you can use in your business right away.

We are going to get more aggressive in marketing for shops that are a good fit with us. MSO’s of three to twenty shops in a market are our best-sized customers. We can completely outsource your shop marketing and deliver innovative marketing solutions, and clever pieces such as the 3d View Masters we did for 3D Collision Centers to help you sell to new customers and to market to your local agents. Stay tuned for some DRP attraction materials ad a slew of articles to help your build your shop or dealership business.

But cars are just one vertical we serve. We are also adding clients in the B2B services area and are working son some cool concepts for a local spine device distributor that we are very excited about. We are working to become their complete outsourced Marketing department. They are a seven million dollar company looking to get to ten million and they need marketing and sales support. If your business is looking to add marketing and sales support services without adding the hassles of staff, why not consider hiring our team? For less than the price of one employee, you get our whole team at your disposal.

Finally we are cooking up some awesome new marketing materials that I can’t wait to send out. Expanding on our stratosphere Airplane and luggage tag business cards we are developing folders that will look like the seat back of an airplane seat complete with opening tray table and seat back pocket. Inside the pocket you will find our service pricing menu, an emergency procedure card, and other goodies. So keep an eye out for that.

Happy New Year folks, lets all make it a good one.