Can clever marketing fix a recurring CSI problem?

We work with a lot of shops, and all of our clients do superior work. Our clients care about their customers and it is no surprise that they pay very close attention to their CSI scores. Not only does it affect their DRP status, but also it can easily lead to a bad reputation if left unchecked.


One of our clients kept getting a low score on a question that they know they could easily change if they could just get the customer to remember it. The question was “did the shop thoroughly explain the repair process to you”.

This shop was doing that, but with all the distractions of paying a deductible switching into a rental car and worried about how long they would be without theirs, customers just did not remember this part when asked by the CSI company after the customer got their car back.


Our client has five shops in the Philadelphia area, and has been in business since 1985. At the time we were proposing a new marketing campaign playing off of their name “3D Collision Centers” and the tagline was “customer experience in 3D”, which implied that all other shops were lacking a third dimension to their customer service.


To fix this CSI issue Stratosphere Studio came up with the idea of using a view master and a 3D wheel to replicate the repair process in three dimensions. We rented a specialized 3D camera and we shot vehicles in various stages of repair. To keep costs down we shot everything in one day and used different cars going through the repair process.  We sent the 3D files off to a manufacturer who makes the view master discs and does custom imprinting. We ordered in bulk a couple hundred view masters and had decals made.

visionThe view master is a great visual tool but it does not allow for much text.  To supplement the view masters we created a sheet that goes along with them and explains the process in detail.




Quite simply the problem was fixed. The view masters are a huge hit. Every time I visit the shop I see a customer looking at one, or a child looking at one. They also make great agent visit tools, and the shop can literally bring the shop process to the agent. It makes a great novelty leave behind, and is an instant conversation starter with the agent.

 Take Aways

As you look over areas of improvement in your shop, try thinking out of the box for a solution, it might just lead to an entire marketing campaign!