Is your body shop's website bringing you new leads?

Increase traffic, increase leads, can your shop’s  CURRENT website do this?

About three months ago we started doing the inbound marketing for a body shop in Tucson Arizona called O’Reilly Collision Centers. They are a great shop and have been named ABRN’s top shop for the last two years in a row. They are probably the first body shop in the country to start using Inbound Marketing.

At Stratosphere Studio, we handle the blogging the calls to action, and the keywords as well as all the social media for O’Reilly. Inbound marketing is a continual process and we are just finishing out our first quarter with them and I personally am pleased with the results. Want to see how we are doing?

For starters, web traffic is up 142% over the same time last month, and has been steadily rising each month. And what about the leads? Try 333% increase over last month. This is a screen shot from our dashboard.

Traffic and leads

Notice that they got seven new leads in the last seven days. Lets say each new lead was worth $1,500 on average. If we were able to keep up this pace that would equate to $547,500 in new business in a years time. Would you be happy with that?

Keep in mind that these leads are not all DRP leads although they are a DRP shop.  Certainly some of these leads came in because a customer looked them up after getting the shop’s name from their insurance company. But a large portion are from people looking for car repair and simply Googled “body shop Tucson” or some variation of that, and landed on their site or on one of our blogs.

Speaking of blogs, We were able to get an addition 117 page views as a result of our blogs. Thats 117 new people drawn to O’Reilly’s website as a result of our blogging. How many visits are you getting?

Blogging visits

It takes a little bit of time for the blogging to really start to pull in leads. The efforts of O’Reilly are just now starting to produce results. And if we were to get more aggressive in the blogging (which is something we are considering) We could possibly double these numbers in another month or two.

Depending on the size of your shop, you may or may not be blown away by these figures. But you have to keep in mind that this is not an MSO. (although they did just open a satellite facility in nearby Green Valley on the first of this month).

As far as Google ranking goes, I have them ranking on page one of Google for both shops including the one which just opened. Google “body shop Tucson” or “Body shop Green Valley” and test it yourself. Green Valley pulls up our blog which we titled “car facts”.

Google search

So there you have it, the first data from a body shop doing inbound marketing. Please ask us questions in the comments section, I will personally answer any that you post. Or contact us the traditional way. I’m sure this data will leave you with some questions.

And not to sound too self promotional but we will be happy to do a free inbound marketing assessment with your shop, or business.