How do I get more people to read my auto dealership blog?

auto dealership marketing

Have you already started a blogging campaign for your auto dealership?  If so, then you’ve taken a great step towards increasing your website traffic.  At Stratosphere Studio, we’re big believers in the power of blogging and have seen what an incredible impact it can have on business for our automotive clients.  Are you experiencing excellent results from your blogs, yet?  If not, don’t worry—there are plenty of things you can to do increase the number of people who are reading your blog. 

To boost your auto dealership blog success, here is our troubleshooting checklist:

auto dealership marketing

·        Are you providing the right content?
You might think that you’re writing about a topic that people would be interested in, but take another look at your topics.  Are you answering questions that customers frequently ask?  Are you writing in a sympathetic voice?  Are you putting enough time and energy into your blog posts?  Since quality is everything when it comes to blogs, be sure to keep yours both relevant and interesting. 

·        Are you including the right keywords?
Be sure to write your blog posts with strategic keywords and keyword phrases in mind.  Think of what people would type into a search engine to find the answers you are writing about and include their exact phrases in your post.  It might help if you write down the questions your customers are asking as they ask them.  Their phrasing will help you to recognize the wording you’ll need to include.  Sometimes it’s easy in the automotive business to get used to industry terminology that not everyone may be familiar with, so take a step back to see what makes sense and what doesn’t.

auto dealership marketing

·        Are your posts the right length?
There’s a sweet spot somewhere between 500 and 700 words that works best for blog writing.  If you write any less than that you’ll risk not being picked up by search engines.  Yet, if you write any more than that, then you’ll risk overwhelming your readers.  Try to stick to the point and divide broad subjects up into multiple posts. 

·        Are your posts visually appealing?
Instead of posting just a lot of writing, which is appealing to no one, try to space out your posts into manageable chunks.  Use spaces, bolded words, and great images to make your posts easier on the eyes.  Think of what kind of look might appeal to you and aim for that.  Or do a little web surfing to see how others craft their blog posts and draw inspiration from the best ones.   

Need help with your auto dealership marketing?  Hire a professional digital marketing company.
At Stratosphere Studio, we specialize in marketing for auto dealerships, auto repair shops, and auto body shops, and can significantly boost your business with our blogging strategies.  In fact, we’ve helped our top shops to earn over 50 more leads per month.  If you’re tired of agonizing over your auto dealership marketing, then give us a try.  We offer low-cost trial packages that can match anyone’s budget.