What do I need to include on my auto dealership landing page?

auto dealership marketing

We’ve talked a lot about the importance and benefits of using calls to actions on your auto dealership website, since they’re so essential for lead generation.  Have you started to think about what kinds of offers you can post in a call to action on your website?  Well, the next step after developing effective calls to action for your auto dealership website is to make sure they link to some attractive landing pages. 

If you’re concerned about what goes into creating a landing page, don’t worry.  There is a simple system for making successful landing pages and we’ll be happy to share our tips with you.

auto dealership marketing

First, what is a landing page?
A landing page is a page on your website that is dedicated to capturing lead information.  It is the page that your call to action will link to, providing your website visitor with a platform to provide their contact information in exchange for your special offer or service.

What are the basic components of a landing page?
A good landing page needs to stay pretty simple, actually.  You don’t want your visitor’s attention to be bogged down with lots of extraneous images and copy.  Instead, try to limit your page to just these elements:

·         Limited navigation.  When visitors hit your landing page, you want them to focus on your special offer and not your navigation bar.  Once visitors type in their contact information, you can take them to a thank you page that reveals the navigation once more.

·         A description of your special offer.  Have a page title and simple copy.  Use spacing, bullet points, and clear directions for what your website visitors need to do.  There’s no need to elaborate more than absolutely necessary, since less is more when it comes to landing pages.

·         A single image reflecting the offer.  Select something pleasing to the eye that enhances both the appearance of the page and the attractiveness of the offer.

auto dealership marketing

·         A contact form.  This form is for visitors to input their contact information and any additional details that you might need in order to provide the requested service.   Be sure to request an email address, since this is a great way to expand your email database.  Avoid making the form too long—the longer it is, the less likely anyone will want to take the time to fill it out.

How do I know if my landing page is effective?
First, test your landing page to ensure that it’s working correctly.  Make sure that your contact form works and that all the right people receive notification of any submissions.  Once you know that everything is functional, give the page a little time and check its number of visits with your tracking service.  If people are visiting the page, but not providing their information, then you might need to tweak your page.  Perhaps make the copy or the form shorter.  Another problem could also be your call to action—is it attractive enough?  Try multiple tactics to see what draws the most attention.

Need help with your auto dealership marketing?
At Stratosphere Studio we are offering great plans to fit any car dealership’s budget.  We specialize in auto body shop, auto repair shop, and auto dealership marketing, and are proud to work with some of the top shops in the U.S.  If you’re ready to bring more business to your dealership, then contact us today.

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