Our top tips for branding your auto dealership online

Auto dealership marketing

Eventually, nearly every auto dealership in this country finds itself in a serious discussion about branding.  This might happen when the dealership is just in the developmental stage or it might happen well after the business has been established and maybe just needs a fresh face.  The automotive industry is large and well-saturated.  As you know, it’s easy to find multiple car dealerships in nearly any town you might encounter.  Therefore, it’s important to distinguish your dealership from all the others.  With the right branding, you can accomplish this in no time—especially if you take advantage of the many branding opportunities available to you online. 

To help you get started on your auto dealership’s online branding campaign, follow these easy guidelines:

Auto dealership marketintg

·         Rethink your online persona, starting from the ground up. 
Just as you would redesign your logo and print materials in any thorough branding campaign, you’ll need to rethink your website design.  Ask yourself these questions: does my website reflect the kind of auto dealership we are?  Does it adequately express the quality of work we do?  Does it demonstrate the level of professionalism we exhibit?  Does it show how much we value our customers?  Perhaps your website already accomplishes most of what you need it to.  Either way, it’s important to take a step back periodically to ensure that your website portrays your shop in the best possible way.

·         Use photographs to enhance your online presence.
One of the best ways to express your auto dealership’s brand is to thread plenty of professional photographs throughout your website and social networks.  It’s worth the money to hire a professional to have excellent photos taken of your facilities and the staff.  This will set you apart from the many other auto dealerships out there that are using stock photos or no photos at all.  Another great way to use photos to reflect your brand is to snap pictures of the vehicles you’re selling and the work in the shop you’re doing each week, and post those photos on your website and your social networking pages.  

Auto dealership marketintg

·         Be consistent with your branding across all online platforms.
Once you’ve established your unique brand effectively on your website, don’t forget to incorporate that feel in any other online or mobile platforms you use, like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.  Update your logo, photos, design colors, and even mission statement, if your dealership has one.  The more consistent you are with your branding, the more professional your business will appear to your visitors and followers.

Do you need help with your auto dealership marketing?
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