What is content marketing for auto dealerships?

auto dealership marketing

Are you familiar with the term “content marketing”?  Content marketing is a strategy in which businesses focus their energy on providing useful, relevant content to their consumers.  It’s starting to become a popular method of generating more business for numerous trades, including the automotive industry, because it allows you to gradually earn the trust of your demographic, increasing the likelihood that they will become customers of your business.  Auto dealerships can benefit a great deal from this viable and effective form of marketing, turning their businesses into rich sources of valuable information to their consumers.  Plus, since not many car dealerships are doing this yet, you can easily outshine your competition.

Before you jump on board, there are some things you should know about this particular form of marketing:

auto dealership marketing

Content marketing IS NOT fast.
When it comes to online content marketing, it typically involves the use of a blog on your auto dealership website.  In order to make a real impact, you will need to invest time in building up a sizeable library of entries.  To jumpstart your blogging efforts, we recommend that you start with three entries per week and reduce your quantity after you start to see consistent results.  When you write plenty of great content on your website and include some helpful keywords to get Google’s attention, you will see a substantial increase in the amount of traffic your car dealership website earns each month.  Slow and steady really does win the race in the area of content marketing.

Content marketing IS NOT effortless.
While content marketing is starting to become popular and lots of businesses are maintaining blogs on their websites, not many of them are actually doing it effectively.  The thing is, content marketing takes energy and dedication.  To really get somewhere using this technique, you’ll need to make sure your content is genuinely valuable reading material.  Google won’t let you get away with just a paragraph or two of drivel.  It will recognize that your entries aren’t useful to online searchers and it will prevent you from coming anywhere near the first page of results (and how many of us ever look beyond the first page of Google results?).  So write from the perspective of your auto dealership customers, and address topics that they care about and might search online for answers about.

auto dealership marketing

Content marketing IS absolutely worth it.
Because we are bombarded all day long with print ads, banner ads, radio spots, and TV commercials, it is refreshing to experience a different kind of auto dealership marketing strategy.  Content marketing isn’t an in-your-face style of advertising, so it doesn’t come across as salesy to consumers.  Instead, it can make your site a great resource, set you apart from your competition, boost your website traffic, and even help you generate customer leads.     

Do you need help with content marketing for your auto dealership?
At Stratosphere Studio we are experts at content marketing and we proudly specialize in marketing for auto dealerships.  We provide excellent content for some of the top shops across the country and would be happy to do the same for your business.  Through our strategies, we’ve helped our clients to earn over 50 more leads per month.  If you’re interested in what we can do for you, give us a call today and ask about our low-cost trial packages that are suitable for any dealership’s budget.

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