The top 5 apps to assist with your collision repair marketing

collision repair marketing

As an agency that specializes in marketing for the automotive industry, we know that auto body shop owners wear many hats.  They often field customer questions, oversee most repairs, and even try to do all their own marketing.  It can leave you with too much to do and very little time to accomplish it all.  Fortunately, as the opportunities for marketing online increase, more and more tools are becoming available to us every day to help get it all done.  Last week, we talked about various programs online that are great for collision repair marketing.  This week, we want to tell you about some useful apps you may want to try that can help increase your marketing productivity and success.

1.       Hootsuite.  If you are taking advantage of some of the social media platforms out there, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, Hootsuite will save you a lot of time and energy.  It’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage your social networking pages, schedule posts, and even monitor your traffic.  Save yourself from having to log into multiple accounts throughout the day and just run Hootsuite, instead.  The free plan is perfect for many businesses, but you can also upgrade to a paid account if you need more features.

collision repair marketing

2.       Evernote.  If you read our post last week, then you know we’re big fans of Evernote here at Stratosphere Studio.  It’s a beautiful platform for taking notes, sharing ideas, saving webpage snippets, writing drafts, and more.  What’s even better is that Evernote works across various devices (computer, phone, tablet) and can be shared with co-workers so that multiple people at your shop can access and edits notebooks together. 

3.       Dropbox. If you ever have a document that you might need to access on the go, take advantage of Dropbox.  Save your document to Dropbox and open it later on your phone, your tablet, or your laptop.  You can also share your documents with co-workers through this handy app.

4.       Trello.  If you use Trello for project management, then be sure to get the excellent, corresponding app.  Through Trello, you can manage an entire project, with detailed to-do lists and task assignments to your team.  It’s a great way to stay on top of all your marketing and ensure that your objectives are getting completed on time.

collision repair marketing

5.       Analytics Pro 2.  If you use Google Analytics to track your website traffic, then Analytics Pro 2 is a great app for you.  It presents your information with comprehensive graphs and reports, allowing you to monitor your results from anywhere.

Do you have questions about auto body shop marketing strategies?
At Stratosphere Studio in Maryland, we’ve helped collision repair shops all over the country to boost their business success with our tried-and-true marketing tactics.  If you have any questions about how to bring more business into your shop, then give us a call.  We can help you to develop the right strategy to increase your website visits, customer leads, email database, social media followers, and, most importantly, your number of customers.  We can prepare a detailed marketing campaign for your shop or provide individual services, such as website design, analytics, search engine optimization, a social media schedule, professional blogging, and more.  Our clients are some of the most successful body shops in their respective cities and we would love to help you next.

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