How to handle insurance questions on your auto dealership blog

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As everyone in the automotive world knows, the relationship with auto insurance companies can be a little delicate, at times.  Naturally, as two entities that have to work together so often, auto dealerships and insurance companies have their share of challenges.  Naturally you want to keep the peace, so what do you do when a customer wants a candid response to an auto insurance question?  At Stratosphere Studio, an agency that specializes in auto dealership marketing, we’ve explored difficult auto insurance questions on our clients’ blogs.  It hasn’t been simple to write, but the content has become valuable information to our clients’ readers.

Is your car dealership ready to tackle auto insurance questions on your blog?  Here are some tips to help you write posts that will assist your readers, while preserving your relationship with auto insurance companies.

auto dealership marketing

·        Write from your customer’s point of view.
Honestly, this is important to do, regardless of what topic you’re discussing on your blog.  As an automotive professional, you are accustomed to the ins and outs of auto and auto body repair, which can make it challenging to think like someone on the outside.  Try to keep in mind that, for many people, the business of having their car repaired is foreign territory.  They are not sure what’s expected of them during the repair process and they’re not familiar with any of the technical terms you might use regularly.  So, when you answer any insurance questions on your blog, frame your answers in a way that honors what the customer really needs.

·        Be diplomatic and try to stick to the facts.
One of the best ways to handle any insurance question is to answer factually, while representing every side of the issue.  You can’t go wrong if you state the facts and maintain a positive tone.  

Auto dealership marketing

·        Start with the easiest questions to answer first.
When in doubt, being with the easiest questions and work your way up to the more complicated ones.  In most cases, your auto dealership website visitors will want answers to basic insurance questions well before they’ll need to know anything more complex.  Listen to the customers coming into your dealership each day.  What are they asking about?  Even if the questions seem very basic to you, address them.  They’re probably not as commonly understood as you might have thought.

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  1. Nate

    Writing from the customer’s perspective is absolutely the most important thing. Don’t make it you vs. them. You need to be on their side! If you aren’t, they will know.

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