How to convert your auto dealership website visitors into leads

auto dealership marketing

If you are worried about how much traffic your auto dealership website is getting every month, that’s certainly a valid concern and something we recommend that you monitor on a regular basis.  Yet, did you know that there is something even more important than getting people to visit your website?  It’s lead generation and it can have a dramatic impact on your auto dealership sales. 

Are you currently monitoring the number of leads you’re acquiring each month through your website?  If not, then be sure to make it a priority.  Next, follow our tips below for turning your website traffic into leads for your car dealership.

Auto dealership marketing

First, make sure you have a strong foundation.
These days, many auto dealerships are making social networking a priority.  The only problem with that is when the effort put into social networking displaces the effort required for maintaining a great website.  Social media is a helpful method of bringing people to your site, but if you haven’t made any real updates to your website since 2003, then it’s not prepared to help you sell today.  The traffic you do earn will be fruitless.  In order to convert your visitors into leads, you need to re-think your website.  Make it attractive, easy to navigate, and the best first impression you could possibly make.

Write plenty of excellent content for your website.
How many of your region’s competitors are blogging?  Probably very few, if any.  Set your auto dealership apart from the others and give your website visitors a reason to stick around for a while.  When you provide great content, more people will be drawn to your website and they’ll start to see you as a valuable resource.    

Provide appealing online offers.
One of the best lead-generating tools is right there in your back pocket.  Are you using it?  It’s your call to action.  Post these special offers in places throughout your website and make sure that they are enticing.  You can even test out a variety of offers to see which ones are more attractive to your visitors.  In our experience, some of the best CTAs are for scheduling appointments and downloading useful content.

auto dealership marketing

Have great landing pages for your offers.
When people click on your call to action, it’s helpful to make the process of acquiring the offer as easy for them as possible.  If it requires too much effort to get, then they’re going to pass.  So, keep your text to a minimum and limit the submission form to only the elements you really need.

Need help with your auto dealership marketing?
At Stratosphere Studio, we specialize in marketing for the automotive industry and work with some of the top auto body shops, auto repair shops, and auto dealerships in the U.S.  We’ve even been featured in Fender Bender for our knowledge of automotive marketing.  If you need a professional marketing agency to help you, give us a call today.


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