Auto dealership marketing questions answered: what is a call to action?

auto dealership marketing

In our mission to help auto dealerships improve their marketing strategies, we’ve gotten this question many times at Stratosphere Studio: “What is a call to action?”  Are you asking yourself the same question?  Let me help clarify: a call to action is simply a line or button on your car dealership website that entices your visitor to click for a special offer or service. 

Are you confused about why a call to action might be useful for your auto dealership website?  To help you understand the benefits of a call to action in relation to your lead acquisition campaign, keep reading!

auto dealership marketing

The point of having a call to action: leads, leads, and more leads.
In general, a call to action is intended to help you acquire leads.  In exchange for an attractive offer or service, your website visitor will provide you with his or her contact information.  Once you have their information, you can add them to your contact database and include them in your lead nurturing campaign, which typically involves follow-up emails and phone calls. 

As your lead database expands, you can potentially increase your number of auto dealership customers.  With each coupon downloaded or appointment scheduled, you encourage another person to walk through your doors, which can translate into greater revenue for your business.

The best call to action is one that entices your visitors to click.
A great call to action is anything that might attract your auto dealership website customers to click.  It might be a coupon for a free estimate, a cheaper rental car, or other discount that a person might care about.  Another great call to action might be an invitation to schedule an appointment online.  The internet is increasingly popular for making purchases and scheduling services.  It’s something that people can do at any time of day or night and in the comfort of their own homes.  When you provide a service for your website visitors online, you’re making their entire experience as a customer easier.

Auto dealership marketing

Use calls to action anywhere you can.
Be sure to place a call to action on every page of your website.  Just be careful to avoid having too many buttons on one page, since that can dilute your message.  CTAs are great in the sidebar and they work especially well after a blog post pertaining to related subject matter.  Use them liberally and make sure you track how well they’re working.  If you find that one call to action is more effective than another, for instance, you might want to use it on your more popular pages.

Need help with your auto dealership marketing?  Hire a professional digital marketing company.
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