How to Effectively Post to Social Media for Your Repair Business

Post to Social Media

We’ve done several posts before on the importance of posting to social media for your repair business. Social media is the perfect platform for enhancing your brand and reaching your audience on a conversational and informative level. Knowing how to post to social media and understanding social marketing is sure to boost your business. Besides,… Read more »


Lead acquisition 101: offering incentives to your auto dealership website visitors

At Stratosphere Studio, when we talk to potential auto dealership clients about their online marketing, a common concern among them is the process of acquiring leads.  Since lead generation is absolutely essential for long-term sustainability for every auto dealership, we certainly understand this concern.  Do you have the same worry about getting more leads for… Read more »


How do I use Twitter for my auto dealership?

For many auto dealerships, social networking might come across as superficial, oversaturated, and overblown.  While this perception holds some validity, depending on which social media outlets you use and who you follow, it doesn’t represent the whole truth.  In actuality, social networking has likely as many positive aspects as negative.  The trick is to know… Read more »