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Should I buy online ads to boost my collision repair marketing?

online ads 300x236 Should I buy online ads to boost my collision repair marketing?

In marketing their businesses these days, body shop owners are bombarded by many different options for how they can advertise.  You can go the old-fashioned route of print ads and coupon mailers.  You can go the expensive route of radio spots, TV spots, and billboards.  You can throw caution to the wind and rely solely on word-of-mouth.  You can even do a little bit of everything and see what happens.  But what about online advertising?  Even though this method of advertising has been around for decades now, it is still fairly new in the world of marketing.  That’s probably why lots of business owners are hesitant to rely on it.  Yet, there are many great reasons to give online advertising a try if you want to boost your collision repair marketing success.  Are you considering buying online ads to advertise your body shop, but you’re concerned that it’s not the best kind of marketing for your budget?  Here are some important reasons why it’s likely the best advertising option to boost your body shop revenue:

Online ads are more targeted than any other type of advertising.
The days of marketing by throwing ideas on the wall and seeing what sticks are just about gone.  No more relying solely on your intuition and an astronomical marketing budget.  Instead, being as strategic as possible is key.  With the capabilities that advertisers have in targeting the exact demographics they are looking for, you can ensure that your message is being presented to the exact people who would be interested in your services.  Online ads can target people of a certain age, income status, gender, and more.  They can also target people who are searching for specific terms, like “body shop” and “collision repair.”  With this amount of specificity, you’ll know that your marketing is reaching all the right people for your business.

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How to use honesty as a blogging tool in your collision repair marketing

megaphone2 300x300 How to use honesty as a blogging tool in your collision repair marketing

If you are still fairly new to blogging for your auto body shop or if you’ve been blogging for a while and you’re looking for some fresh ideas, it’s always a good idea to revisit the automotive business from your customers’ perspectives.  When you put yourself in your customers’ shoes, this can fill you up with some great inspiration while also helping you to be more effective in your content marketing.  Ultimately, what you’re trying to do is to increase your website visibility by anticipating what your customers are searching the internet for.  Sometimes, though, you might anticipate that your customers are typing in questions that would seem taboo for you to answer—questions like, “What are the biggest problems with body shops?” or “What kinds of mistakes do body shops make?”  You might be afraid to tackle these questions, for fear that this will drive away your business.

In reality, by honestly addressing questions like these, you would be applying a very effective marketing strategy.  Still not with me on this?  Let me explain:

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How to find the best agency to handle your collision repair marketing

Analysis 300x249 How to find the best agency to handle your collision repair marketing

If you are the owner of an auto body shop, you, like many of our clients, are likely overwhelmed with the many job roles you are performing.  While it can be extremely rewarding to run a body shop, it can also be very stressful—especially if you are having to take on tasks that are either not a huge priority or not a part of your particular skill set.  We see this over and over again among our collision repair clients—they are often so busy that they don’t have time to market their businesses effectively.

Does this sound like you?  Are you considering hiring an agency to take on your collision repair marketing?  Lots of body shops have turned to this option, outsourcing their marketing needs in order to bring in more business.  In many cases, this is an excellent plan.  And I’m not only saying that because we are an agency that specializes in marketing for body shops.  It’s a good plan because it frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business while letting professionals with marketing experience handle your specific needs.  The trick, however, is to find an agency that can do the best job for you.  Just as you would carefully inspect the resume of a potential new employee, you should carefully inspect your selected agency for its capabilities.  Here’s what we recommend you look for:

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